Alien + ubiquiti cameras

  • Hi there,
    Moving to a new house, and likely setting up 2 amplifi alien routers (Ethernet backhaul) to create a mesh. House wired with cat6. Trying to figure out the best security cameras for indoor and outdoor, and have heard great things about the Ubiquiti PoE cameras. That said, I've also heard that amplifi & ubiquiti products don't work well together.

    Has anyone tried this? Does anyone have suggestions? Presumably I could just use a wifi camera system (e.g. nest, etc) but trying to go all Ubiquiti.


  • Hi @jamplifi - you might want to consider holding off until more information about the the rumored UDM-SE is released

    The UDM-SE is rumored to have PoE and an HDD to support UniFi Protect as an update to the original UniFi Dream Machine

    Or you can go UDM-Pro and just add AP's

    It looks like WiFi-6 UAP's are in the works if you really need 802.11ax

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