QOS is not the solution. Please add device (or profile) bandwidth limits.

  • My understanding of QOS is that it gives devices with higher priority preference over devices with lower priority. So why do devices, which are 'Optimized for Gaming', suddenly loose Internet because a device, which is set at 'Normal Priority' decides it wants to take control of the Internet connection? Is QOS only for airtime fairness? If so, what can I do about bandwidth fairness?

    It's frustrating enough when we're gaming and our voice chat starts to break up, followed by getting kicked off - all because another device suddenly starts downloading a Windows or game update. It's even more aggravating now that I'm working from home. I'm in IT and my VPN connection to the office all of a sudden drops because some device, set at the lowest priority, takes precedence over my work laptop which is set at the highest priority. And when it happens, the AmpliFi app has difficulty connecting so I can find, and pause, the offending device! Even our VoIP phone, which is physically plugged into the AmpliFi becomes useless.

    I'm familiar with Ubiquiti products, having deployed numerous switches and hundreds of APs at work. I was going to use Ubiquiti here at home, but then I saw the AmpliFi Gamer's Edition for about half the cost. Since I work for a non-profit, and my finances are tight, I opted for the AmpliFi - and I've regretted it many times since. If I had gone with Ubiquiti, I know I wouldn't be having bandwidth issues.

    Please don't point me to the instructions on how to configure QOS on the AmpliFi. I've done that. In fact, I've tried making my laptop the ONLY device set to 'Optimized for Gaming' and all other devices at 'Normal Priority', and another device is STILL able to steal all the bandwidth. I signed up for Beta so I could see if 3.4.0rc0 would be an improvement, but it wasn't.

    PLEASE implement bandwidth limits per device or profile, or tell me how I can prevent one device from consuming all my bandwidth. Even my old router could do that.

  • Hi

    I have the exact same experience with the Gamer Edition. Just posted in FAQ, hoping for an answer.

    I have the router in Latency Mode and 2 PCs in Gaming priority, still there are lags and framerate drops, because one of the PCs are downloading, stealing ALL the Bandwith. I get that they have the same priority, but then again the router is set to "Latency Mode". So it should not be an issue. But when asking support by mail. They said that latency mode works by limiting each device to 100Mbps(default setting).

    I agree with you, why not have the option to limit each devices limit. Would give us much more control, not every device needs the same bandwith.

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