Add the ability to add static routes.

  • This is basic stuff. I need this functionality to get my home lab working. I bought this mesh system specifically to pair with the Ubiquiti EdgeMAX fronting my Lab and now I find out you can't do something as simple as add static routes...

  • @Dan-Greenwald
    Why would you buy a system if it does not have the features for your needs? Maybe Return it and get the Unifi Dream Machine which does static routes and a whole lot more than the Amplifi HD

  • @PmedicJ Dream Machine isnt a mesh system for one. Two...its not like they advertise they dont include basic functionality that every other manfucturer includes in their wifi router so it didnt even cross my mind it wouldnt be an option. Its a basic feature. It should be included. Its a disgrace its not available.

  • @Dan-Greenwald said in Add the ability to add static routes.:

    Dream Machine isnt a mesh system for one.

    It sure can be setup as a mesh system with a UniFi AP BeaconHD Wi-Fi MeshPoint or Flex HD and Static routes can also be setup .


    However, I am inclined to agree with you that it is a basic feature and should be included. People have been complaining about the lack of features and options since 2017 and UI have not listened or answered these concerns.

  • The AmpliFi HD still has a useless USB port. The reported speed test caps out at 230mbps which is a hardware issue, So most people think their speeds are slow. Plus UI hasn’t made that known for some reason, they just keep people guessing and tell them those speeds are expected, try this or try that knowing farewell the damn AmpliFi HD speed test is capped. The speeds are slow, much slower compared to the Alien even on 5ghz) especially for an AC1750 you should expect better speeds. I have 700mbps service and I will only see 350mbps down on a good day with ANY device sitting 1-2 feet away! When I use my alien I am getting 520-600mbps all around my house and the speed test in the app is showing over my advertised speeds which it should.

    What’s sad is that the amplifi HD had and still has the potential to be much better and even awesome! But let’s face the fact that WiFi 6 is here and the AmpliFi HD is getting older and may fall to the wayside.

    Since I had to RMA my Alien I went back to the AmpliFi HD single router. It’s slower, has less coverage but it’s been up for few days and just works! I am looking forward to getting another Alien I was going to go Asus but even they have bugs and problems. Sure UI can be a pain in the @$$ bit they will get back to you, maybe with not the answer your looking for or more questions but they will do their best to help you and have been decent to me during times of frustration.

  • I guess I don’t understand what your trying to accomplish either with the AmpliFi HD. if you are already running an edge Max which allows you to set up static routes. Instead of the AmpliFi HD couldn’t you just get a switch and add some AP’s?

  • @PmedicJ My home lab is 100 feet away from my cable modem and where I put my main wifi access point. I dont want to run an ethernet cable to my lab so I want to run a mesh system to backhaul the run with a 5Ghz backbone wifi connection. I also dont want to run a rack mount system with a bunch of stuff hanging off of it. So I have an Amplifi HD next to the cable modem as my mainnuplink and I run a second Amplifi HD router in my office as an access point. I use an ethernet off that to connect to my EdgeMax which hosts all the VLANs and routing for my lab. I just need the ability to add static routes for those private vlans to the amplifi hd so I can access the lab from any machine connected to the mesh. It really cant be that hard for them to add this functionality. They are just ignoring and alienating their existing customers at this point. I'll throw this whole system in the trash and go buy something that actually works. I'll write off the 500 bucks I've spent as a lesson learned to never buy another Ubiquiti product again if they dont get this fixed.

  • I don't really see it as something that they need to fix. It's not broken because the router does not include this functionality to start with. I've just googled it and there are already plenty of threads on this forum that state that static routing is not available. These go back to 2017. I don't know about you but before I spend $500 on something, I research it, make sure the reviews are good and that it does what I need it to do. It would have taken you a couple of minutes to see that the router was not suitable for your needs

  • @Dan-Greenwald I understand your frustration but like I said these complaints date back to 2017 so it sounds like trashing that system will be your only savior because its going on 4 years now with the amplifi HD and I cant see UI making these changes anytime at all.

    But setting up your system the way you explain can be done with the UDM and some mesh AP like the Flex or beacon. you would have full control over all the VLAN and static routes and still wirelessly backhaul from your lab.

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  • @Dan-Greenwald the truth hurts 🤣

  • Hi Dan,

    Since I had to go back to my Amplifi HD while waiting for my RMA Alien to come in I went ahead and bought a UDM. I have spent the last week with my UDM and my AP BeaconHD's and let me tell you it is awesome.
    This is the $500 you should have spent instead of the amplifi HD to fill your needs. it does everything that you want and more and the performance is triple that of the amplifi HD and thats with all the threat management and DPI turned on. I got a new Alien sent to me and Im hard pressed to go back to it right now.

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