Articulated extenders or fixed

  • I'm getting ready to purchase an Amplifi HD mesh system and see the original generation had articulating wifi extenders whereas the latest has fixed extenders. Which is preferable? Any input would be appreciated.

  • @caozman

    Both AmpliFi HD and the gamers edition have articulating extenders. That is if your referring to the ability of the antennas to be positioned on the mesh points.

  • @PmedicJ, thanks for the response. I'm looking at the regular Amplifi HD system. The new ones, available for purchase locally, have fixed wifi extenders while the older model has the articulating extenders. I was just curious as to whether there was a preference with Amplifi users.

  • @caozman I get it now. The older system had mesch points that allowed them to swivel on the magnet and the newer version mesh point doesn’t have that correct?
    The mesh point on the newer mesh does rotate 270 degrees.

  • @PmedicJ, I'm not sure. My local Best Buy has the set with the fixed extenders at $350 and has the articulating set for $50 off but is out of stock. Additionally, only the fixed set is available on Ubiquiti's website so I assumed the articulating set was the original and the fixed is newer. They're probably both the same with a bit of de-contenting thrown in.

  • Hi @caozman - you can find @UI-Brett's comments on the newer 270 degree swiveling antenna versus the magnetic ball joint here...

    My only unsolicited advice FWIW is to consider if you feel you really need 3 mesh points to cover your home

    The articulating WiFi extenders in the kit are hard coded to the router, so if the router ever fails, the MeshPoints become unusable

    For this reason many people do not find the cost savings of the kit worth trade-off in flexbility

    Two HD routers working together to form a mesh can often sufficiently cover large homes and generally perform well, and if you can run Ethernet backhaul between them, the performance is really very good, but everyone's environment for WiFi is different so it is hard to predict

    If cost isn't the primary factor, I would recommend starting with a single standalone HD router and just see how the coverage is

    Then add a second HD router as a mesh point if you need more coverage

    Add a 3rd standalone HD router / Instant router / MeshPoint HD (depending on your budget) if you still have dead spots

    Having the standalone units also adds backup capability if a unit ever has problems, or the ability to repurposed them if you ever upgrade in the future

    Another consideration, just make sure you can return whatever you purchase should you find out it doesn't meet your needs or expectations

  • @Derek-Saville, thanks for the FWIW. The problem I'm running into is my current system will not provide a good enough signal into our Casita. Both the house and Casita are stucco so the chicken wire reeks havoc on the wireless signal.

    I'm currently using the netgear powerlines pretty much everywhere. They seem to work with the exception, once again, of the Casita. When the a/c is turned on (a necessity in AZ), the rf interference wipes out the powerline.

    I have a Ubiquiti Unifi AP AC on the opposite end of the house, which provides exceptional signal to the entire property and my workshop. But, it completely collapses when it comes to the Casita.

    Oh, did I mention I have an old school Sonos system for music? Also am streaming all video with Roku's.

    I've created a nightmare and want to just simplify things. That's where I though a mesh network would work and Ubiquiti seems to really have the goods on wifi.

  • Hi @caozman - you definitely have a tough challenge

    Just throwing things out there, and sorry if you have already rejected the ideas...if you have line-of-sight to the casita and internal-to-external access for wiring, have you considered a UniFi Building-to-Building Bridge if you can't directly run Ethernet to the casita and putting an AP inside?

    Not sure what you are currently using for a router, but since you already have the one UAP providing nearly complete coverage, adding a B2B Bridge + Nano HD AP might be all you need for the Casita, and maybe combine it with a USG or UDM for routing?

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