Dynamic DNS

  • Having the ability to access our household devices remotely something that other routers have supported for years.
    You already have an ability to connect remotely via the App. I'd like to see either a Dynamic DNS supported that works with services like dyndns, or roll your own given that you already have remote login/authentication method. Right now, I'm stuck using Amplifi in just bridge mode and have a router in front of it that supports DDNS.

  • +1 for this!

  • +1 I would like to have this feature as well.

  • +1 This feature is needed!

  • This is my #1 feature request as well. All my previous routers supported Dynamic DNS (I use dyndns) and if my ISP assigned IP address changes, I have to scramble to update.

  • I just bought an Amplifi System and I did not realize that Dynamic DNS was NOT a feature of this device. This is on the top of my list of things that I would like to see implemented.

  • While it's not DDNS, have you guys seen AmpliFi Teleport? If the goal is to access your internal network remotely, this is an interesting product that I think is going to be released soonish. It's effectively a plug-and-play VPN-backhaul access point extension for your home network to use as you travel, as per my understanding.

  • +1 for DDNS, can't believe its not a feature (and the ability to give split ssid's custom names)

  • Portforwaring and direct access by dyndns is somthing you really should try to avoid nowadays, especially for IoT devices with questionable security measures. The better solution is to have a VPN to your home, even with a weak encryption it's much more secure compared to simple port forwarding. I think with Teleport we will get an option to use the Amplifi as some kind of VPN. I hope it will not be limited to access by this teleport device only, access via app would be nice too.

    Meanwhile I currently run a small raspberry pi at home offering a OpenVPN Server and giving me the Dynamic DNS.

  • @marco-götze completely agree port forwarding is bad idea, but VPN would still require "some" port forwarding as well as DDNS. This is a standard feature in just about every router.

    Amplify should have it too.

  • @shane-milton said in Dynamic DNS:

    AmpliFi Teleport

    That's what Sophos calls a Remote Ethernet Device (RED). Teleport should be a lot cheaper if it only provides one port+wifi.

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