AmpliFi Alien Firmware v3.4.0

  • AmpliFi Alien firmware version 3.4.0 has been released.

    Release notes:

    • Redesigned LCD interface
    • Security update (CVE-2020-11750)
    • Enhanced device recognition
    • Teleport VPN connection improvement
    • Web portal enhancement
    • Other minor improvements and fixes

    We use a gradual rollout for the update. It may take up to a week for your device to receive this update.
    AmpliFi Alien Firmware Release Notes

  • Possible to understand the changes from rc3 to release? Thanks! I'll be updating this evening.

  • @Steven-Tellman The latest beta is what we use to create the public, so they are identical.

  • @UI-Brett Installing now, are the fan/temperature issues some experienced with the RC's resolved? I did not test the RC's but my Alien rarely gets more than luke warm on the previously stable build.

  • @UI-Brett Just received the release. I have to raise my hat to the team and the product. This release takes the aesthetics to the next level and blows the competition away. I have been using this product since Dec 2019 and still excited about what's coming next!! Thanks for changing the game!

    I cannot complete the post without talking about the performance. I have about 26 devices turned on at all times ranging between security cameras, ios devices, IoT among other things. While all that's going on, I am wired into a wireless mesh node that gets 4ms pings on while pumping 175+ FPS on my Counterstrike Go match. I even managed to stream 8K on that same mesh node.

    For reference, I have used Nighthawk, Orbi, and Eero in a star (3) set-up in the past and now on 3 standalone Aliens.

  • Also have to give kudos to the team. We upgraded from an AirPort Time Capsule (we hit a 32-device limit on the 2.4GHz band) and were looking for a reliable replacement that could handle our home. Glad I finally found the Alien, because we're sitting at 48 Wi-Fi devices and 8+ wired devices on one Alien and the thing is rock solid and stable.

    HomeKit also couldn't be more stable. I haven't updated to 3.4.0 just yet, but boy do you guys have a customer for life here now.

  • @Michael-Niro What temp is your router reporting after updating? Mine on average is between 140-160 consistently which is normal operation.

  • @UI-Brett Thanks Brett! I'm right around 140 to 150 as well, I just wanted to verify this is where the unit should be. Some folks on the previous RC indicated hot temperatures and fan speed issues but mine seem to spin up although at 140 F I haven't seen it climb about 732 RPM. We have struggled with wireless products for a bit trying to get even close to our 500 Mbps down. The Alien has been awesome, not only stable but fast as well. Very happy customer here so far!

  • @Michael-Niro fan? I’ve never heard a fan on the router is there indeed one inside?

  • @UI-Brett I know I may sound nitpicky but the new LCD interface (as per the pictures I've seen in the beta threads) is much uglier than the version found in 3.2.5 and 3.3.1. I'm not feeling the green and black aesthetic at all and it really cheapens the product.

    Any chance we add some color to make it look classy again? If I am mistaken by going based on those pictures, would you be able to provide proper screenshots/pictures? I just want to be certain before updating (I know security is more important than aesthetics but no harm in holding off updating for a bit).

  • @Rick-Daino-0 I have never heard it yet either but it does indicate a fluctuating RPM speed in the new firmware!

  • Hi @Rick-Daino-0 - yes there is a very quiet fan that should only turn on when needed

  • After update my main Alien is hovering around 147-155F and my 2nd Alien connected via Ethernet backbone is around 132F

    Personally I love the new interface but agree with my wife that the clock is now a little too small.

    One thing I’d like clarity on. What is WiFi experience and how is it determined. If I see it dip below a certain percentage is there something I should be doing?

  • I will add this to the suggestions as well, but can you make the time larger, or give us the option that the Amplifi HD had of changing the screens, and make one of them a larger time. Thanks

  • @Jonathan-Downey The clock is smaller now? That’s terrible news. I’m sincerely disappointed with how much of a step back this is in terms of design.

  • @TropicAxis-Team Yeah, I came from the HD, and thought the Alien's clock was already pretty small as is. After the update it is even smaller. I apologize if I am missing how to change it, but I have swiped and looked at the settings and can not find a way to change it. It is a huge bummer for me because this was my primary clock in my living room.

  • My Speedtest is about 30% slower after the firmware update. It looks like it's running a test from TX to CA instead of somewhere more local. I ran a test on my laptop ethernet connected to the Alien and it is still performing as expected.

  • @Jonathan-Downey Would you be willing to share a picture of what the new interface looks like? I too use the clock function and the unit as a piece to spruce up my decor. I’ll be sad if AmpliFi continues to use this interface going forward without improvement.

  • after the update, i am not able to view the data usage anymore? is there a way to bring it back up?

    only way for me now is using the mobile app to view the data usage; not convenient enough.

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