Alien NOT Performing Better Than Amplifi HD

  • I have Cox Gigablast internet and was getting roughly 300mbps on WiFi and nearly 900mbps hardwired with my Amplifi HD. Last week I was told by the Amplifi support that I'd need to upgrade to the Amplifi Alien in order to get faster WiFi speeds.

    Sadly, it hasn't been performing any faster or better than my Amplifi HD. After 2hrs of going back and forth with support on chat, updating the firmware, rebooting it numerous times... still no luck.

    Waiting to hear back through email after they checkout my support info but I have to say I'm underwhelmed and unimpressed.

    Definitely returning this if tech support isn't able to help me because it's not cheap and what's the point of spending $400+ on this when it doesn't perform any better.

    Does anyone have other recommendations for a router that can handle gigabit speeds for a 3 story home? [Just to be clear, I tested the WiFi speed when I was in the same room as the Alien] Or a fix that helped them get faster speeds on their Alien?

  • @Irene-Pavico-Tsukayama you are trying to get faster wifi speeds?

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