Massively underwhelming, support friendly, but no fixes

  • I suppose it provides a mesh network. The other features? So poorly implemented as to make my head want to explode. Please stop advertising you have family features / controls. The implementation is so terribly limited as to make your customers want to throw this device through walls.

    Pause all internet traffic: you have to reset the device. CS is aware of this, but I don't hope for a fix.

    My current example: create a profile. Assign devices. Decide to move a device to another profile. After 20 minutes of poking on my phone, I cannot see how to do it. Press and hold.... nope. Just assign it to the new profile? Nope. Looks like I have to delete the profile to allow the device to be re-assigned.

    Still no web interface.

    For a premium priced product, I have to wonder if you ever bother to test it with real people. I predict I'll have all of the kids out of the house before I see fixes.

    Wish I had my $350 back.....

  • I am pleased with the Mesh Router & Mesh Points product overall, but I would agree with the fact that there are several bugs and intermittent issues with minimal firmware updates. I have joined the beta program in hope to fix these issues and receive more frequent updates for new features and better performance.

  • Remember not to consider beta software as early release or even remotely stable, secure or doesn’t regress.

  • @scott-mckinney beta program implies that they are releasing software? The last release's notes showed mainly trivial changes.

  • FWIW, Pause appears to work fine for me, not needing a reboot or anything.

    To reassign a device, I simply uncheck it from the assigned profile, and then go to another profile and check it.

    Hope that helps a bit.

  • @barbasol-barbasol Great points.

    @Charles-Gilley FWIW, I know that, having setup 2 of these systems now, using a combination of ethernet-backhauled Amplifis and wireless Amplifis, I've been able to cover homes and other non-commercial structures in ways that could not be done without a mesh network. Now there's very fast coverage everywhere, as opposed to not having coverage everywhere, and everywhere not being fast. I find that, while there are features that I still seek (more advanced QoS, port/website blocking, ability to remove devices from "Family" section, ability to see "offline" devices in a separate part of family section (other than in the "Profiles" section), a web interface, etc etc), the product itself is great to exceptional for the home, and has plenty of features. And the improvement it has been able to make has been priceless. In the first Amplifi setup, I didn't have ethernet everywhere it is needed, otherwise I would have just used UniFi APs. In the other case, there was ethernet basically everywhere, but this system had its advantages over using UniFis — including its ease of use so its owners could monitor it and make adjustments as needed, and pretty much leave it be.

  • @jared-caputo - the product is exceptional when it actually works, but terrible when it doesn't. I have 3 installations, each one a little different, and they all have progressively degraded with every firmware update since v2.2.1, including random intermittent lockups of mesh points requiring hard resets, complete loss of internet connectivity for no apparent reason, inability to roam on iOS devices with active video streaming or Facetime (device completely drops the WiFi connection and then pauses with no connectivity before picking up the new meshpoint**), etc.

    These issues, along with iOS app bugs, have been known and worked on for more than 2 to 3 months.

    If I get a stable release then I will be back in the 'exceptional' camp, but they seem so focused on HW NAT and Teleport, who knows if the bugs will also get fixed...

    (**~maybe seamless hand-off roaming between meshpoints wasn't a promised feature of the Amplifi kit, but it seems implied for a 'ubiquitous' mesh networking product associated with Ubiquiti and displaying their logo)

  • I must just be lucky then as i have had mine for 6 months now using one mesh point and have not had any issues that others describe. Rock solid all the time. There has been one update since installation. Not sure what that was supposed to address but it has not affected performance at all.

  • @tim-sparling Hi Tim. There has been several posts about issues with devices not roaming properly as well as interruption of data flow on certain devices (In my case Apple devices). For some of us this has been a great frustration. I can currently not use my Amplifi due to these problems and I am eagerly awaiting a fix. Support has been very helpful to try to fix it, but the problems reappear randomly and unexpectedly.

  • @derek-saville I'm sorry to hear this. Have you tried any kind of RMA to get new units? I experience none of these issues across multiple Amplifi systems that I have worked with/installed. (I wouldn't say that truly perfect roaming could ever be expected, but I haven't even had issues with roaming while on WiFi calls or FaceTime that I can think of.)

  • @jared-caputo No, I have not done an RMA for a couple of reasons:

    1. I experienced none of these issues 'out of the box' with the original firmware. Problems only started getting progressively worse with the last three firmware updates. I have reverted to older firmware versions and the problems do improve, but then it is a choice between things like security vulnerabilities and having to hard reset routers and avoid roaming.
    2. Some issues are app related, like not being able to see attached devices, and this is not corrected by reverting the firmware or reinstalling the app.
    3. Instead of RMA, I actually purchased 2 new routers and a mesh point to see if, by chance, any minor hardware revisions or variations might improve the situation, but that is not the case.

    So I personally concluded (and I may be wrong) that this is firmware / software related and have been waiting for the next round of changes to be released, before making any final determination of what to do if the product performance does not stabilize again.

  • I know where you're coming from. I have had issues like this with other devices, and have always assumed it was software, little to know that when I finally gave into an RMA everything was fixed (just deteriorated over time, sometimes as a result of firmware updates). But your 3rd point pretty much removes this possibility, unless it was added to the same mesh with the same main router.

    Also, check out today's (beta) firmware update. May help with some of your issues... but they definitely know about them, it appears.

  • I replaced the main router, a router used as mesh point, and mesh point to see if things would change.
    I knew I would need the additional hardware for another install later assuming the firmware and performance stabilize.
    With the latest firmware, I still have the same issue.

    Regarding roaming, at work (I don't know the hardware platform), if I transition between access points my iPhones and iPad don't perceptibly blink at the changeover. The WiFi indicator shows a reduction and then jumps back up when it connects to the new AP.
    If the WiFi signal indicator does actually disappear, it happens so quickly you can't see it.

    At home, if I transition between mesh points where I know there is still overlapping signal, the WiFi signal indicator goes down, then it drops changing to '4G', pauses for a while (can be up to 10 seconds), then reconnects again.

    Like some others have reported, I also have a Win 10 laptop and a Win 10 tablet, and when a AP handoff occurs, the WiFi connection can often be lost. At that point it can be completely stuck too, and i have to do one of 3 things:

    1. Toggle WiFi Off and On again
    2. Use the Fix Connection link to reset the hardware
    3. Reboot

    But I don't know if that is unique to my location since I don't use these devices outside of the home and I haven't used them with other WiFi routers.

    Anyways, it seems like roaming should be better and since others have reported similar issues, I am just waiting for the next official firmware release. And I truly hope to be able to see connected devices in the app again someday.
    But it has been a long wait...

  • Ok. I know that they're working on fixing that with the beta release. I hope that arrives soon so your Amplifi functions properly again!

  • Hi all! We've released new beta firmware with full support for fast roaming and a number of other improvements. Looking forward to your feedback.

  • @ubnt-gunars Hi, thanks for the update. Is there an expected timeframe for that to make standard release?

  • @jared-caputo Could be a couple weeks.

  • @jared-caputo Hand off is amazing, if you're struggling with that, its currently buttery smooth on the beta firmware.

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