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  • It took me a while, but I finally installed the Alien last night. One thing that I miss from my Asus router is more control and protection over my children's network devices.

    We have Quiet time scheduling, QoS per device, but I am unable to block access to specific websites that they may travel to, or flat out deny connections to certain domains. This, most importantly, is because there is no reporting on each User.

    I've owned both Netgear and Asus routers in the past, and they both also provide some security integration to their routers, preventing scams, malware and phishing. These might not work 100% of course, but it's better than having your network be naked (or paying on a per device setting) to any attacks. Any thoughts on adding or partnering with anyone on this?

    Finally, in looking at each device, I would like to be able to see the strength of their WiFi connection back to the Alien reported in dB. This is something I got used to having on the Asus mesh system which helped me place the router better in my house (for better coverage).

    Re: Better parental controls

  • Can you use something like OpenDNS for the purpose you have described?

  • @Ali-Hadi That is one solution, but it doesn't seem to be quite as foolproof as others like trend micro or bitdefender. I did set my DNS servers to one of those, though.

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