Alien vs HD: Coverage wider on all bands?

  • I currently have an HD. Should I expect greater coverage on all bands (B G N), or only greater on X?

    The specs are shown differently (which is annoying):
    HD: 26 dB
    Alien: 2.4 GHz: 23 dBm per chain, 5 GHz 19 dBm per chain (low band)/ 20 dBm per chain (high band)

  • @Edward-Salm Multiple users are reporting and posting videos about the coverage being much greater than they had with their HD system, but every environment is different and depending on how many meshpoints you are using, the range of the HD can go quite some distance. Personally, I went from using a router and 1 mesh point in my house to a single Alien and the single alien is give me better coverage and performance.

  • @UI-Brett Thank you. That's what I needed to hear. Currently, I use an HD with two mesh points, but the signal really only needs a little extra push out each end, and the mesh points don't deliver the same throughput as to the router directly.

  • @Edward-Salm I had HD with 4 mesh points and coverage was great but speed even under Ethernet was limited sometimes. Upgraded to Alien and speed is amazing, but coverage in 2 story 2000 square ft house now is poor. First floor is ok within everywhere even outside, but second floor in opposite side is only 50% signal strength and even under wifi6 speed is only up to 100mbps or less. So, I wish they will reveal some cheaper mesh points for alien. Seems like right now is options only to buy second router

  • @Victor-Kilin Yes currently you will need another Alien router. Thanks for the feedback!

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