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  • Screen options similar to the HD, I am really hoping for a larger clock, most of the info I want I use from the app, its nice to have the option of displaying that info, like temp, and clients, but can you add one screen of just the time. As big as possible. Thanks.

  • Hi @Jonathan-Downey - something like this maybe?


  • Yeah, I would love something like that. Thanks!

  • Hi @Jonathan-Downey - I was also hoping that @UI-Karlis would work a dedicated clock screen into an Alien update

    Keep asking him for it!

  • If you want a clock buy a clock! There are more than enough clocks on everything these days and if you need your router to tell time your doing something wrong!
    I’m sure the few complaining have an echo, google or Siri and you can always just ask it what time it is, lol plus every computer or device that your probably sitting in front of or have in yours has a damn clock!

    The new lay out is awesome now just add the ability to do static routes, VPN and custom security options.

    This right here is why we can’t have the basic router functions and more advanced features. People want clocks!
    Tech and developers are probably saying, they want clocks that’s much easier and less time consuming plus we can’t screw up clocks so less bugs to work out it’s a win win. Lol

  • @PmedicJ Not everyone has their router so close they can read all the crap they have jammed into the main screen now. I am also not suggesting they remove anything, just add that option. I am not doing anything wrong, I wasn't and am not even complaining, they have a suggestion forum, I made a suggestion.

    You got a lot of anger for a suggestion though.

  • Hi @PmedicJ - not true for me...the only clock in the office was the HD and now the Alien, which isn't legible from across the room, and nothing else in the room to look at or talk to

    Many things on the router are "nice to have" and not necessary, like the fancy layout that just takes away processor cycles (remember Turbo mode?)

    If you need info about your router open the app

    So to each their own...

  • @Derek-Saville oh come on Derek, you mean to tell me the computer you use or the phone in your pocket doesn’t have a clock? Lol

  • This right here is why we can’t have the basic router functions and more advanced features.

    Hi @PmedicJ - also not true...many of the router function and advanced feature requests are contrary to AmpliFi's desired brand positioning

  • Hi @PmedicJ - yep

  • @Derek-Saville ok i ll meet you half way and agree to your clock If they would put some of the newer features on the display in the app. 😉

  • Hi @PmedicJ - works for me...

    Right now I run Night Mode between 00:01 to 23:59...so the LCD only lights up to remind me when it is midnight ☺

  • @Jonathan-Downey I was being satirical not directed specifically towards you in any way. Plus Derek talked me off that ledge with his infinite wisdom. What can I say....It's been a long week! ✌

  • @PmedicJ fair enough, you came in hot, lol. I am considering finding a clock though, its a great interface if its on your desk near you, but it is way too small for anything beyond like 2 feet away.

  • I for one hate the new display layout. It lacks that classy quality that made the Alien appealing in all the marketing material. I feel like the interface has gone from iOS13 to Android 1.5 Cupcake.

    • Fix the font. It looks tacky.
    • Allow to swipe between ‘pages’ as before for additional info. Don’t have it all crammed on one page at once.
    • Put some more colours into it instead of black, white and green. This is a glorious color LCD! Let’s make use of it!
    • Bonus: give users the options between different interface layouts. Allow us to switch between interfaces even if it means the user has to forgo some information like fan speed which was not on pre-3.4.0 interface.

  • Just did the update and I too dislike the new layout. Waaaay tp much info on the tiny screen. My router is on my desk about 1 foot away and whilst I can read and see everything its all too tiny. I just don't see the point of have all that info on the "home" screen.
    yes, I have a clock on my computer but the old version larger clock was helpful.

    BTW, I love the screen on my Alien. To have all this detail literally right at our fingertips is amazing. It the "home" screen IMHO, is just a bit busy now...

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