Seperate SSID’s ? Turn off common ?

  • So I just got my alien and was confused a little on why I can turn on separate SSID’s but leave on the common SSID or I can turn off common SSID and do the same thing?? I’d like to have a separate 2.4 because of my Sonos and other smart devices, but which way is the best way to accomplish this.. do I leave on common SSID and turn on the individual radios separate or do I turn off Common and just rename them or does it even matter? Any help would be greatly appreciated

  • Hi @Agnstodds - the Alein is very flexible when it comes to SSID's, and some of the choices are more related to having multiple Aliens in a mesh

    What probably matters most in your case is if the single Alien fully covers your home with both the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz radios and if you have any devices that need to roam around if the Alien does not

    For example, if 5 GHz does not over your whole house, but 2.4 GHz does, and you have a phone that needs to roam from 5 GHz to 2.4 GHz to stay connected as you move around, that is what the Common SSID is for by keeping it enabled with the same SSID for both bands

    If the Alien fully covers your home with both bands and you do not need to worry about roaming, then you can disable the Common SSID and give each band its own unique SSID

    Then if you do want to keep the Common SSID enabled for roaming devices, but you have some other fixed devices like your Sonos or other smart devices that you want to keep on their own SSID, you can enable the Router Additional SSID's as needed for different bands

    These additional SSID's are created on a per mesh point basis if you are using multiple Aliens

    I hope that helps, and in your case it probably doesn't matter if a single Alien is all you need to cover your home

    But you might need to do some testing

    I would recommend first enabling a Router Additional SSID for the 2.4 GHz band and put your Sonos on it, leaving the Common SSID enabled as it is, and see how things are working

    If there are any issues you can try out some other configurations

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