Amplifi HD speeds connected as bridge to xFi Gateway

  • I am using a up to date Amplifi HD (3.3.0) and two Mesh Points across a house. Comcast Xfinity cable goes from street to xFi Gateway to Ampfli HD (Bridge Mode). From my laptop when I speed test using I get a significantly higher speed if I am connected to the xFi over the Amplifi. Obviously both have independent SSID's and I understand that the Amplifi is now an access point rather than a router, but the speed drop off is considerable (Around 300 Mbps over xFi and around 30 Mbps over Amplifi).

    Is there anything I can do to tune the Amplifi to approach the xFi's speeds?

    Other info:
    Both Mesh across the house are right in the sweet spot about -59dBm ans show as 'Good' on the signal level. Both are at 5 GHz 'better performance' in backbone settings.

  • @P-W-0 When you test wirelessly on AmpliFi, is your device connected to the router, or one of the mesh points?

  • I actually do not know. I will check that out today and get back to you. I am actually not even sure how to isolate which one it is hooked up to. I'll check that out.

  • @UI-Brett Ok, I turned the actual router SSID on and connected to that and got the same slow speeds as the mesh points.

  • My speeds:
    xFi Gateway: 175 Mbps Upload (I pay for 300 but that is another story)
    Amplifi router: 70 Mbps
    Amplifi Mesh points: 30 Mbps

    All about the same upload around 11 Mpbs

  • @P-W-0 Can you perform a test for me to help identify If the performance in general coming out of AmpliFi is hindered, or if it's just wireless related.

    Hardwire any computer into one of the 4 LAN ports and run a speed test on that device, are you getting upwards of 175-300 or are you still limited to 70?

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