Yeah still no DMZ?

  • Re: Will there ever be DMZ?

    I need DMZ to get my Nintendo switch to an OPEN NAT type because port forwarding doesn't do the trick. thinking about throwing this AmplifiHD in the TRASH!

  • @Zach-Kleinschmidt

    What NAT type does your switch use currently? I’ve been using B type and from what I gathered, A and B are virtually the same experience to the player. I always thought placing it in a dmz seemed like overkill to get the coveted A type, but I do agree a dmz is needed nonetheless 😊

  • It uses B which is more "moderate" A is supposed to be fully "open" It causes issues when trying to play NES games through the switch with my little brother running an A type. Mind you.. he is on CenturyLink DSL 20mb/s connection with a router i've never heard of. A zyxel c1000z that costs 30$ on amazon/ebay. and IT supports DMZ, and IT works with nintendo NAT type A... so i'm a bit dissapointed at my current position with the Ubiquiti AmpliFI HD and i kind of want to upgrade to the Ubiquiti UDM (Dream Machine) but it ALSO doesn't support DMZ, i had a tech with ubiquiti tell me that DMZ is "Essentially" just opening ports 1-65000 (or whatever the last number is) However, netgear says it's not the same, netgear says that opening the ports still requires the router to read all the packets, vs. DMZ does not require that DMZ is basically just an "allow all button no questions asked" over and out private. So i'm kind of upset that NETGEAR supports nintendo better than this giant business/consumer home router solutions company.. 😞

  • @Zach-Kleinschmidt oh I gotcha! That makes sense why you’d want to do it now. And yeah, you’re right with how it works. I wish it was an added feature too 😕

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