Wireless Bridge Mode

  • I have 2 Alien's running in a mesh, but I don't actually need the mesh endpoint to act as a repeater/mesh. I am actually just using it as a bridge for a bunch of devices that don't have wifi of their own. It would be great to help reduce wifi congestion if I could make it not act as a mesh point and, instead, just as a bridge for the ethernet devices attached to it.

  • @Matt-Anger I am in agreement with you. I bought a second router in the hopes of using it as a wireless bridge so that I could get my Mac Mini and NAS unit to be able to talk to each other and connect to the network. I learned the hard way that the router only supports bridge mode if it's wired to a router. So I had to set it up as a mesh unit when it doesn't need to be.

    I wish the documentation was clearer and referred to this mode as "Access Point" mode because that's really what it's doing when you put in bridge mode. My previous router offered three modes, router, bridge, access point. And the bridge mode did what you described, it wirelessly bridged a connection to the router and allowed my devices to connect to the network.

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