One mesh point throttles downloads on connected devices, restart resolves

  • My house isn't large (about 1400 sq ft), but it is old and I have a chimney in the middle that plays havoc with WiFi, so I bought an AmpliFi HD system a few years ago to replace my AirPort Extreme system (w/Airport Express extenders). Generally, performance has been very good (with the occasional iffy firmware update). The best I can do through my local phone company (Frontier, inheritors of AT&T infrastructure) is 90/8.5, and I usually see those speeds or better from the router.

    I don't have issues on the ground floor of my house, but I started having issues on the 2nd floor. I tried moving the 2nd floor mesh point around to see if I could resolve the issues, but nothing seemed to work - I'd just lose all WiFi performance occasionally. Finally, I just unplugged that mesh point, and the problem seemed to go away after I did some tuning. After a few weeks, I tried the problematic mesh point in a new location to cure one lingering dead spot, and it seemed to work well.

    Unfortunately, today I started seeing a reoccurrence of the loss of performance with that mesh point, and did some testing. With only my phone connected to the mesh point in question, the performance test in the AmpliFi app was pretty normal, but in SpeedTest, my uploads and ping were normal, but downloads were ~.1mbps, repeatedly. I paused the mesh point, and performance rebounded somewhat as my phone connected to either the other mesh point at 5GHz, or the router at 2.4. As soon as I un-paused the 2nd mesh point, performance died again. I then removed the antenna from the mesh point to force it to restart, and performance was fine after it finished restarting.

    So, it seems like something is going wrong with that mesh point. The system is mostly fine without it, except for one problematic spot. What is my best course of action from here? I occasionally ponder switching to Eero with a couple beacons in hopes that it will provide "set it and forget it" performance, but I'm not thrilled with the Amazon situation, and I do like having the download speed easily visible on the AmpliFi router.

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