Need help connecting Amplifi HD directly to AT&T Fiber DSL Modem...

  • I'm running into a brick wall and I have to believe quite a few people here have already figured this out.

    AT&T installed their Wifi router off the modem (ALCATEL LUCENT G-010G-A) and, of course, not I'm having issues removing their Router from the set up since the Modem is password protected. And, of course, I do not have the PW to get into the Modem in order to set it to Bridge mode and connect the Amplifi directly to the Modem. AT&T has support articles for resetting the PW but (of course) the link doesn't work...

    (the above is linked from this article... )

    I can, and will (if needed) call AT&T to have the Network Password reset, but if anyone has advice for a work-around please let me know.

    As well, if you've found that it makes zero difference simply connecting the Amplifi to their Router's ethernet port (which is how I have it set up now), versus removing their router from the set up and connecting Amplifi directly to the Modem, let me know; you'll save me the time.

    The main reason I'm even trying this is because I'm just not getting the speeds through Amplifi that I get through AT&T's cheapo Wifi router when connected to it via Wifi. Via Wifi, through AT&T's router I'm getting 600+ Mbps (again that is via Wifi, NOT wired - although wired is high still!). However, by contrast, through Amplifi I'm lucky to get speeds higher than 50 Mbps! It's ridiculous! I've tried...

    • Upgrading (and downgrading) Amplifi's firmware
    • Setting up additional SSID's
    • Playing around with misc settings
    • Choosing different channels...

    Nothing works! Hard wired to the Amplifi I get the same speeds as if I'm hard wired to AT&T's router, so my assumption is that this is an Amplifi Wifi issue, but I want to rule out their router as the middleman and remove it.

  • @Darren-Eilers said in Need help connecting Amplifi HD directly to AT&T Fiber DSL Modem...:

    to get into the Modem in order to set it to Bridge mode

    Unless something has recently changed on ATT side that I have not been made aware of yet, I personally have never had success with AmpliFi as primary, and ATT in bridge because ATT services requires their equipment to be in bridge mode. Even their "IP Passthrough" mode does not work.

    I do not have ATT in my area so I have never personally worked with them, only speaking from experience with AmpliFi, but you may want to call them to confirm that your can or cannot remove their equipment or place it in bridge mode. My assumption is that you cannot and AmpliFi will have to be bridged.

  • @UI-Brett Thanks so much for the quick reply.

    I've tried Amplifi in Bridge mode and unfortunately the speed issue I'm facing does not change. Any other suggestions? I've currently downgraded to v3.1.2, thinking maybe it was 3.3.0 firmware that caused this, but it is beginning to become apparent that all along my speeds have simply not been CLOSE to realized while using Amplifi as my wifi system. 50Gbps and under via Amplifi wifi — versus — over 600 Mbps using AT&T's wifi router. Just doesn't make any sense!

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