Mesh drops out but router keeps functioning

  • I have a 3 mesh point network connected mesh->router->mesh->mesh. Occasionally, the mesh points will drop off the network, but the router stays up and connected. When the mesh points drop out, I can no longer access the router through the app, I get "searching for "(SSID)". If I reboot the router, the network comes back up. Yesterday, the mesh went down again after about an hour. It's been up now since then.

    Any suggestions?

  • Same here. I recently installed a single mesh point on my third party router. The connection drops out several times a day. I updated the firmware, but no improvement. I reset by unplugging the antenna at the magnetic connector, then back.

  • @John-Christopher When you experience the drop, can you still access the internet? is it just the app that no longer connects? What about hardwired devices, do they maintain a connection? If they do, we can use a hardwired device to gather support files after a drop so we can review and see if we can identify what is happening.

  • I can still access the Internet with hard-wired and wired devices but not the app. When it went out again Saturday Evening, I attempted to access the router through my PC which is directly wired. All I was able to access was the background to the web page. The pop-up showing the router did not appear. I did a hard reboot and everything came back up. I am running V3.3.0. Was tempted to roll back, but was not confident that would fix it, however, this problem appears to be more prevalent since upgrading.


  • @John-Christopher If you would like, I can send you the steps to manually roll back to a specific version and we can test to see if that provides a solution to this issue?

  • @UI-Brett Sure, Please advise correct way

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