Can I use an MeshPoint HD Wi-Fi Range Extender with an Alien?

  • My driveway camera is not connecting to my network (or I should say it connects and disconnects all day long, when I bring it inside the house, it stays connected). I wasn't sure if this was a bandwidth issue so I have it on its only SSID network but that didn't help. The MeshPoint HD Wi-Fi Range Extender would be perfect since I can place the extender next to my front door by, which is only about 6 or 7 meters from where the Nest Outdoor Cam is mounted on the driveway.

  • BTW, I just did a test an moved my 2nd Alien to that space I want to put an extender and the camera fired right up. So it's definitely a range issue. My primary Alien that hooks up to my Cable Model is in the center of the house. I am coming off a Google Mesh Gen 1 and I had one of the nodes right by the front door and the camera worked 100% of the time.

  • @Monte-Montemayor An HD mesh point cannot be added to the AmpliFi Alien, but it can be used to extend any wireless network when placed in 3rd party extender mode. The risk here is that if any of your devices choose to connect to the mesh point and not the router, they will be limited to performance of the HD mesh point, which will be significantly lower than a connection to the Alien.

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