More DHCP options

  • I’d like to see the options here expanded. In my example I’d like the ability to set the DNS server each device gets. I have a pi-hole setup, and am unable to use quite a few features because it sees all traffic as coming from the AMPLIFI because it sets itself as the DNS. I’d like the ability for it to pass out the pi-hole device as the dns server.

  • I found a work around to this. Kind of hacky, but it works perfect. I just limit the ip range the Amplifi can hand out to a single ip. Assign that as static for the pi-hole. Turn the DHCP server on the pi-hole on. All your devices will now use that since the AmpliFi cannot hand out anymore. Been using it this way for 4 or 5 days and no issues yet.

  • 2nd this request! My brother is looking for a new WiFi unit and I want to get him in an Amplifi setup but he uses Pi-Hole as well.

    To be able to setup a Primary and Secondary DNS would be great.
    Primary - PiHole
    Secondary - Amplifi

  • +1 for me

    Same setup as @Rick-Williams , and I want to do the same with my system. is the best way to block adds, so this is a must for me as well, but if I change the dhcp I would like to have the benefit of the Amplifi with seeing active clients as well (pause internet on them, see speed etc etc)

  • +1 on this feature. I'd rather have a setting for the DHCP server to pass out the DNS servers that I specified directly to the client, rather than sending it's own address and then forwarding requests. I'm sure this is some sort of optimization so that there is a local "cache", but like the others, I'm using pi-hole so I already have a local cache. Additionally, it allows pi-hole to get connections directly from the clients on the network, which helps with metrics as well so I can see what clients are requesting what sites.

    Does anyone from AMPLIFI monitor these requests? tap tap tap is this thing on?

  • +1 Also use Pi-Hole and would be great to manually set DNS servers the Amplifi send to devices.

  • I've also added this request to the feature request thread, please go and upvote it so hopefully we can get it in a coming release.

  • @joshua-newton Can you update your request on the other thread to be specific that your ask is that the custom DNS IP be handed out to the DHCP clients (vs the IP of the router, that then uses the custom DNS entries as upstream)? I just don't want them to overlook that and think that "oh we already support custom DNS".


  • @kevin-grubbs That's what my tread is about.

    Adding custom (your own DNS servers) to DHCP assigned addresses. Meaning that any DHCP assigned address from the router will assign the DNS servers you pick + gateway IP + Device IP.

  • We've just got our amplifi set and I was surprised that setting DNS records via DHCP scope wasn't supported 😞

    We use a domain controller here for PCs and without setting the DNS to that a lot of stuff breaks.

    Granted, we can run DHCP on the DCs, which we'll do, but there are advantages of having DHCP from the router.

    We normally push two DNS servers - the DC one and the one for the router, then if the DC is down, internet still works. Sadly, with DHCP on the server, we'd be scuppered.

    So, I guess count this as a vote for this suggestion as well!

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