How to delete old devices from profile assigned devices list?

  • Hi, in the iOS app, I've noticed that many old/friend devices show up in the profile assigned devices list. How do I delete them?

    I've tried swiping left or right on a device in the list to reveal more options. I've also tried a long press. And finally, I've looked for an button to trigger an edit or delete mode.

    I understand why you might track devices of friends that have connected to the router. They may visit again and you want to apply the same policy. However, I should be able to delete old devices that the family no longer owns (e.g. traded in to carrier or sold). It's kind of the natural lifecycle of devices with a limited useful life--they get replaced. After a period of years, this starts to pollute the view with unwanted noise.

  • Agreed, this would be a useful feature.

  • Agree! I hope this will be an update

  • Yes please! It is getting tricky to manage.

    I assume a factory reset of the router would do this but it's a bit of a sledghammer to crack a small nut.

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