HD and Instant both with incoming WAN?

  • Is it possible to have an HD as the primary router and Instant as a mesh both with incoming WAN?

    I have:

    • HD: with WAN coming from ISP router.
    • Instant: auto-configured/added to the system through the app as a wireless mesh point.

    I plan to ask my ISP (Frontier) to disable MOCA (coax) and enable Ethernet at the ONT. But I’d like for that to be as seamless as possible for devices connected.

    Therefore I wondered if I could run the new WAN from the ONT to the Instant in preparation, so that when Frontier disables MOCA, the AMPLIFI Instant will pick up the new WAN connection and the system will continue working.

  • @mbranscomb The Instant can be configured via ethernet backhaul which would utilize the WAN port, but the signal is going to need to come from the HD router, not from a coax source.

    wondered if I could run the new WAN from the ONT

    If you are only receiving on IP from your service provider, it would not work in this manner because your IP address should already be assigned to the HD. You would need to run ethernet from your HD to the Instant enable Ethernet Backhaul if you wanted to eliminate the wireless connection between the two.

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