AmpliFi Alien MeshPoint

  • Any chance there will be a possibility of ordering an additional AmpliFi Alien MeshPoint without having to buy the full fledged router in Canada? We currently only have the router available and I can't justify the cost of buying 2 for my needs 🙂

  • @julesdadrummer The Alien router and mesh point are almost identical, the only difference besides the mesh point being hard coded to the router in the kit is: No LCD screen, and no 4 port LAN switch on the back. Because of the minimal differences, we do not have a plan to sell the mesh point individually.

  • @UI-Brett Thanks for the response Brett! I guess it's just odd that we don't have the option to buy both the Router and MeshPoint in Canada, it would have been nice! My only option in this case is to drop another 500$+ on an additional router to extend coverage?


  • @julesdadrummer I don't know price for different versions or regions but the US Alien is currently $379.00 US and the Alien kit is $699.00 US. So savings of $58 US when you purchase the kit, but some view the added LCD screen and 4 port LAN switch as a benefit worth the extra cost, that and not having the devices hard coded together.

    But yes, the only other option in regards to AmpliFi and the Alien would be to add another Alien router.

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