3.4.0 Broke LED+LCD screen on main router?

  • I don't normally have the LCD screen enabled on my main unit as it sits somewhere not visible, but I was debugging something and went in the main app to turn it on and it wouldn't response to the increase in brightness. I also noticed that the LED was turned on despite the sliders being all the way off in the app. I tried sliding both up and down, turning on and off the 'night mode' nothing seemed to work with changing the behavior. On my mesh unit both sliders work as expected no issues with the 3.4.0 release. I had previously turned on the LCD+LED in the older release without issues. Is anyone else experiencing similar behavior?

  • @Matt-Anger It may be hard to know if it was the update or if it died some time before. Does the screen or led work on boot up?

  • @UI-JT I had to wait until night to try rebooting it. During bootup the yellow LED is on and stays on, but the LCD screen does NOT turn on at all. Again the yellow LED stays on constantly now regardless of what settings I have in the app.

  • @Matt-Anger Lets RMA the unit, PM me.

  • @Matt-Anger I have the same issue going on right now and the chat support could not fix the issue so it's being escalated to RMA. Possibly they will switch out the unit? I keep mine in night mode as well but just happened to notice it last.

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