Reduce time period when device will join faster network when available

  • Just got my Alien yesterday, just dumbfounded how awesome this thing is. Like any new user I was testing the limits of where I could get reliable signal and speeds at various part of my home.

    Using my iPhone X as a speed test device, when I got to far away the router dropped me to a slower 2.4 band which was expected. When I walked back to being just a few feet from the router however, it takes several minutes to return to a 5ghz band. That initially kept throwing me off as I would return to the router, run another speed test, and it would be glacially slow. Same experience with my wife's iPhone 11 Pro and the WiFi6 connection.

    Also, the sound emitted when you're messing with the touch screen sounds like the thing ate beans the prior night.

  • @Chris-Coble Thanks for the input!

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