MacBookPro wi-fi degrading performance after sleep

  • Hi,

    My MacBook Pro consistently lose wi-fi performance after resume from sleep, with MCS Index at 1 and Tx rates not higher than 14/27 Mbps. If I turn off and then on wi-fi again from the toolbar, MCS Index is at 9 and Tx rate 1,300 Mbps.

    I am using Amplifi HD and running firmware 3.4.0rc1. I have tried enabling /disabling A-MSDU for wireless clients. I have tried firmware 3.3.0 before, the issue was already present. The issue keeps reappearing (I can't tell exactly after how long); it can be immediately noted as browsing the internet takes forever to complete ...

    Any suggestions would be appreciated.

  • @Valerio-Morganti Hi, we have seen this issue before. I don't know if there was anything the AmpliFi can do for this, turning off the WiFi and turning it back on using the Mac should restore performance. Maybe other users have seen this issue with Mac and can add somthing.

  • Thanks for your response, @UI-JT . Just noted this since a couple of weeks and checked community support for more information. Apparently I am not the only one suffering from discontinued wi-fi performance, so maybe it is related to the firmware updates. I am just experiencing that after resume from sleep the issue is even more noticeable. My MacBookPro is the same than 6 months ago, and never experienced this before (never needed to switch wi-fi on and off).

  • @Valerio-Morganti You may want to send in some support files so we can investigate it a bit further. Thanks.

  • @UI-JT whom should I send them to?

  • @Valerio-Morganti If you generate the support files using the app, they will automatically email into our support channel. Just reference this community post and JT, and they will be assigned to him. If you downloaded them via the WebUI, email them to with the same details so they get assigned appropriately.

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