MacBookPro wi-fi degrading performance after sleep

  • Hi,

    My MacBook Pro consistently lose wi-fi performance after resume from sleep, with MCS Index at 1 and Tx rates not higher than 14/27 Mbps. If I turn off and then on wi-fi again from the toolbar, MCS Index is at 9 and Tx rate 1,300 Mbps.

    I am using Amplifi HD and running firmware 3.4.0rc1. I have tried enabling /disabling A-MSDU for wireless clients. I have tried firmware 3.3.0 before, the issue was already present. The issue keeps reappearing (I can't tell exactly after how long); it can be immediately noted as browsing the internet takes forever to complete ...

    Any suggestions would be appreciated.

  • @Valerio-Morganti Hi, we have seen this issue before. I don't know if there was anything the AmpliFi can do for this, turning off the WiFi and turning it back on using the Mac should restore performance. Maybe other users have seen this issue with Mac and can add somthing.

  • Thanks for your response, @UI-JT . Just noted this since a couple of weeks and checked community support for more information. Apparently I am not the only one suffering from discontinued wi-fi performance, so maybe it is related to the firmware updates. I am just experiencing that after resume from sleep the issue is even more noticeable. My MacBookPro is the same than 6 months ago, and never experienced this before (never needed to switch wi-fi on and off).

  • @Valerio-Morganti You may want to send in some support files so we can investigate it a bit further. Thanks.

  • @UI-JT whom should I send them to?

  • @Valerio-Morganti If you generate the support files using the app, they will automatically email into our support channel. Just reference this community post and JT, and they will be assigned to him. If you downloaded them via the WebUI, email them to with the same details so they get assigned appropriately.

  • I am relieved to hear that I am not the only one experiencing this issue! Mine is similar, but not identical. Here is a summary: My MacBook Pro’s WiFi speeds are significantly slower than the other devices in our household. Most devices are getting speeds of 200-250 MB/sec download / 18-24 MB/sec upload. My MacBook Pro is instead getting 30-40 MB/s DL / 4-10 MB/s UL. Turning off the WiFi on my Mac Pro then back on temporarily alleviates the issue, then it returns in 20-30 min. I’ve been testing and troubleshooting on my own for a while, and below is an outline of all the info I’ve gathered to help figure out what’s going on. Please let me know if I can provide any other data to help.

    • iPhone XS -

      • WiFi settings - Private Address “on”, low data mode “off”
      • Amplifi client details at time of test -
      • iPad Pro generated similar results
    • Mac Pro -

    • Tests above were run back-to-back - as soon as one finished, the next was started.

    • Both run on the same tool (as you can see in screenshots) and same browser.

    • Made sure they’re on the same WiFi SSID.

    • Both devices are about 10 feet from the Amplifi HD WiFi router.

    WiFi router: Amplifi HD with 3 mesh points. Setup:

    Troubleshooting to Narrow Down:

    • iPhone XS and iPad Pro generating adequate speeds consistently on the same WiFi and in the same location.
    • Replicated the issues outlined above for 7 days straight before reaching out. Each time tested both devices.
    • Also performed tests connected to a mesh point, and speed test results were similar regardless of mesh vs. router wifi connection. Tested in different areas of the house and on all different mesh points.
    • Connected Mac Pro to Amplifi HD router via ethernet cable (CAT 8 + Anker GB USB-C to ethernet connector) and immediately speed jumped up to match what I’d consider normal/expected speeds for our Internet connection, and comparable to iPhone/iPad speeds:
    • Turning the WiFi off then back on again on my Mac Pro temporarily alleviates it. Right after turning back on, speed tests show normal download connection speeds (200+ MB/s DL) and only slightly slower upload (8-12 MB/s UL): Slow speed issues on Mac Pro normally return within 20 to 30 minutes.
    • Turned MacBook Pro off/on (complete shut down as well as re-starts) (worked for 20-30 min).
    • Removed WiFi from Mac Pro’s saved connections (“forget this network”) then reconnecting it (worked for 20 to 30 min).
    • Re-started Amplifi HD router.
    • Unplugged Amplifi HD router, kept off for 2 minutes, then plugged back in.
    • Made sure no devices were set as prioritized to anything other than normal priority on Amplifi HD device settings.
    • Tried pausing WiFi connection on all devices (in Amplifi HD router) then re-enabling only on my Mac Pro. No improvement:
    • Disabled auto-updating file syncs on my MacBook Pro temporarily: I run G Drive’s backup and sync and Dropbox. I disabled and completely shut down both. No impact to speed.
    • Turned off the MAC built-in firewall on Mac Pro. No impact.

    If the slow speeds were presenting on all devices, then I’d look at things like channel crowding, etc… but it’s ONLY my MacBook Pro that has the problem. Has anyone else run into this?

  • @UI-Brett I sent in the support file that you instructed the other user to submit recently. I referenced topic #3098 and my username in the email.

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