Wireless speeds seem capped.

  • A little background:

    I have a Gigabit connection from my ISP.

    (For reference) When hardwired to it, I can get 900Mbps+ consistently.

    When connected wirelessly to the RG, I can pull about 700Mbps+ consistently.

    When connected wirelessly to the Amplifi, I get speeds that cap out just over 300Mbps (304-308 to give a range)

    From what I've been able to gather (from the Reddit community), other Amplifi owners said that with a Gigabit connection were able to pull more than 300Mbps from their HD kits on older firmware revisions.

    The RG has been put into passthrough mode and the Amplifi has the public IP address (not the internal 192.x or 10.x.)

    Can anyone shed some light on what might be going on? I can't set it to bridge mode as that more or less negates the reason for having a router in general (to me).

    Insights, thoughts, and comments on why this is and how I may be able to remedy it would be greatly appreciated!

    Glad to be here and super stoked to see the community pop up!

  • I had the same issue, i spoke to their live chat in the app, and it turns out that the mesh network was on 2.4ghz and asked me to open up and 'split' the networks so i could connect and see the 5ghz ones. this did increase the speed a bit but i cant get speeds over 350mbps. i have a gigabit connection.

  • I've done the exact same and it's when I'm on the 5Ghz network are the wireless speeds I'm referring to.

  • I have the exact issue you are describing. No matter what type of device is connecting I can’t get more than 200mbps yet I plug my google onhub in and boom I get 850mbps wireless internet anywhere in the house! I just bought this to replace google. If this isn’t going to work then back to the store it goes.

  • @tacair-42 said in Wireless speeds seem capped.:

    It's a know issue by Amplifi, and actively ignored. The fix for the firmware seems easy, since they misconfigured iptables on the firmware. Sadly I don't dare to make changes and flash my Amplifi HD. If I brick it, its money down the drain.

    Temp fix is to turn it into Bridge mode (Which then disables the iptables misconfiguration.) But you will loose some of the "fancy" features.


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