Alien Mesh Point Sold Separately?

  • I purchased the standalone Alien and it comes in tomorrow. I have yet to test it's range to see if everything will be smoothly... judging from the videos and reviews I should be mindblown with the performance. In the event I'm not, I don't see anywhere on the ui site a purchaseable Mesh Point compatible with the Alien besides the bundle. Is there a way to purchase the Alien Mesh Point by it's self? If not and the standalone router is not capable to handle my home (range-wise) I might have to return it and purchase the bundle instead. I thought I could slap on some HD mesh points but they're not compatible.. (hence wifi 6).

  • @Damir-Alonso In case you want to extend your network, it can be done with yet another standalone Alien router. No need to return current one and buy bundle. You will get second LCD and extra LAN ports.

  • @Damir-Alonso We currently do not offer the Alien MeshPoints in a standalone platform. You can add another Alien router as a MeshPoint.

  • I know I could add a second Alien router, it's just it would be more expensive that roughly being 379x2 ($758) while the bunder would be -$60 cheaper ($699). If you'd say the internal antennas were/are more powerful than that of the Mesh Point then I'd see the selling point.

    Anyways, thanks for your prompt response... in the event the standalone is not capable to cover my 2 story townhouse then I'll go for the secondary router.

  • @Damir-Alonso I understand, this is something others have asked for as well! Ill add your vode for this product. Thanks!

  • @UI-JT Believe me, I don't mind having another display screen indicating info about the network only I can understand in my household, I just hope my little one doesn't get creative since it will most likely be upstairs. Is there a child lock-out for the display?

  • Just giving a little update. yesterday I received the Alien router, did the install which was quick and easy. The Alien router is replacing an aging ASUS RT-AC87R (U, I don't remember shouldn't be much of a difference) which I've had for roughly 6 years... It's done the job but hasn't been able to reach the furthest room with quality connection/speed. At the router using on the HiQ server here in Miami, both routers scored what I'm paying for (Comcast Xfinity Gigabit Plan 1Gbps Down/ 35Mbps Up) both scored about 900Mbps+ and 41Mbps (the upload is so low, which it's actually fast for me due to comcast's hardware limitations to the general consumer.) Now the wifi is where things stood out. On my Note 10+ I would get anywhere from 50~100Mbps throughout the house (not counting close to the ASUS router) standing next to the ASUS router I would get a barely 200Mbps, this would be the baseline... on other devices it was actually worse, my Note is the only Wifi6 device in the house currently.

    Now, the Alien's numbers right next to the routers I got a healthy 400+ Mbps (probably some interference near by) and throughout the house 200+ Mbps with some spikes at the furthest room... still a lot higher than before and everyone in the house have been saying, "Wow, that's a lot faster!" also, I'm not mentioning upload speeds because they all hit their 35Mbps+ target all over the house. I do have to say I am quite impressed with the leap in quality and speed of this little cylinder... the internal antenna(s) are quite powerful I must say, yet, I think I will still be needed a Mesh Point to secure extra quality and speed throughout the house so, I will be getting a second Alien Router just to be 1000% sure everyone will not hassle me about the internet lol.

    When I get back home, I'll get the review from the real world users on quality and connectivity.

  • What is the process of adding a second router as a mesh point? Does it make it clear that you want the router to act as a mesh point and not a second router?

  • A quick update, just ordered the second Alien. Trying to cover all the slower spots and optimize the complete household. I would like to do an ethernet backbone but running wires to the second floor seems to be quite the pain... I suppose I;ll test out in wifi/mesh mode and let the numbers decide how much work I will need to implement.

    All considering, the furthest part of the house is currently getting 200~300Mbps down and 30Mbps up (Xfinity 1Gbps plan) which is quite acceptable, BUT why not push it to the 500~700Mbps mark? lol.

    I just hope in the future Ubiquiti considers not only my "cry" for an advanced tab within the firmware/WebUI for the Alien... (and please, don't pull a Sony move and create a "Pro" version like an Alien 2 with these features and abandon those with v1 Aliens. I just invested nearly $800 in routers and Ubiquiti... and I am considering the security camera environment as well...)

  • So, I received the 2nd Alien and I installed it in various locations for best performance and what not. The 2nd unit indicated that the distance and reception from the main device was optimal, yet once a device was connected to the 2nd u it speeds were greatly reduced. On an iPhone Xs Max before my daughter was getting 200~300Mbps, with the 2nd unit installed she could barely break 200Mbps. I ruled out possible interference with the A/C and the app is indicating everything is fine.. could it be both Alien devices are interfering with one another?

  • @Damir-Alonso They can if they are placed to close together, but you said it was optimal so it may not be that. On average, the best connection strength will be between -55 & -60 dBm. What distance is yours reporting?

  • @UI-Brett between -45 ~ -49

  • @Damir-Alonso That is close, not considered "to close" but close enough to where the wireless signals will be overlapping which could be causing some interference. Do you only experience these issues with the mesh point? Or only when the mesh point is connected?

  • @UI-Brett Well, as per the tube graph in the app it's in the green so one would consider that optimal, even the app itself says it's at it's most optimal location. I also put it at the far side of that same room to where it was lower more than -50 and it was the same experience. I didn't conduct a test near the main router vs the mesh point but when the mesh point was connected the connected devices to the mesh point were severely suffering a reduction of speed.

    So, you suggest placing the mesh point Alien unit -55+ range?

  • @Damir-Alonso That is simply for optimal performance and range. I do not know if this is why your experiencing a reduction of speed or not, but it was just to answer the question about possible interference between the two. I would suggest running speeds tests on a mobile device that is suffering from the performance issues at both the primary router location (within 5 ft preferred to get maximum speed) then run one at the mesh point location. After that, gather support files from the system so we can review and see what could be causing this.

  • @UI-Brett I will try it one more time soon... my only thing is if Alien to Alien it was showing from the Meshed Alien a Mesh Network bandwidth of 800Mbps in the location where it indicated it was optimal which is something odd. So, could the interference be shared wifi 6 bandwidth overload as an added device thus reducing the quality of speed?

  • @UI-Brett just noticed the meshed Alien isn't connecting via AX just shows as 5GHz while other AX devices which are connected to the network (to the main router) show up as 5GHz AX... is there something I'm missing? Is this thing creating a bottle neck somewhere? Since I don't have any advanced settings to actually tweak the devices this is forcing me to use each router with standalone radios pointing directly to the static devices and the roaming devices towards the main router... 😕

    This is pretty much a deal breaker, unfortunately... which I would of rather not used an Ethernet backhaul for "ease of use".

  • @Damir-Alonso In the MeshPoint settings you can change the backhaul to 802.11AX or /AC

  • @UI-JT I haven't seen that option, where would that be?

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