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  • Hi there, setup my Alien router 2 days ago with standard settings (super awesome and easy process btw) and now just testing device speed. I have 1GB symmetric fiber through webpass and an iPhone 11 Pro. The attached shows the speed I'm receiving from 4 feet away from Alien, across 3 different providers, and I never get above 500.

    Is this normal? Anything I should be tweaking to increase speed?

    2_1591207223878_IMG-2983.jpg 1_1591207223877_IMG-2984.jpg 0_1591207223877_IMG-2982.png 0_1591207263253_unnamed (7).jpg

  • I have essentially the same setup. Verizon Fios which is currently delivering gig speeds to customers through the end of the month I believe. Technically I’m on their 200/200 service but was regularly seeing 300/300+ over WiFi on almost all devices. That was with a previous router. The speeds were increased before I got the Alien and I would see 400-500 over WiFi. That has not changed with the recent installation of the Alien. I’m assuming there is some limitation between the router, the device and the specific app that you’re using to measure that performance. Going directly through the Fios equipment the speeds are what I expect 900-1gig.

  • I suggest you read this article. It covers the difference between theory and real-world throughput. https://araknisnetworks.com/2017/06/dude-wheres-my-throughput/

    Just for fun, you might try stepping further away from your router, perhaps twenty to thirty feet and retest.

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