UX Suggestion in iOS App

  • I really like the concept of creating Profiles. For my Use Case, I have a few kids and group their various devices into their profiles. This allows me to understand who may be doing what.

    The send/receive rollup value shown is great, but when I click on an individual profile I expect a UI that shows a reduced device list specific to their devices. Presently it goes into editing the Profile. I was immediately confused as to what happened.

    I realize just clicking on an individual device goes into an edit like UI, so clicking on a profile is being consistent here, but I find both of these patterns confusing.

    What I think might make more sense is a detailed UI is shown with an "Edit" at the top right putting you explicitly into an edit mode. At present you can change an option in the current UI and forget to hit the "check" icon and you lose your edits without warning, which is frustrating.

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