Fluctuating WiFi speed

  • I recently upgraded my speed with my ISP from 300mbps to 500mbps.

    Prior to the upgrade, when running a speed test connected to the Amplifi Instant Router, I would see a consistent 309mbps speed on WiFi with maybe a +/- 2mbps fluctuation. Since the speed was upgraded by my ISP to 500mbps, WiFi speeds from the router are all over the place. Without any load on the network and running a speed test at a quiet time of day, I can sometimes get circa 450mbps (maybe once a day), but most of the time it's 250-360mbps (occassionnally less). So, increasing my ISP speed has made my WiFi performance worse in some aspects.

    When using ethernet to test the speed, it's a consistent 516mbps so it would seem that the router struggles with the higher speed. With a 300mbps connection, no issues at all, rock solid consistent performance. With 500mbps, it's gone nuts and varies by substantial amounts.

    Has anyone else experienced similar issues and were able to resolve them?

    I'm running firmware 3.1.2. Is there any limit on what real world speed the router can handle?

    BTW - I have tested the speeds using the Instant as the router and also connected to the ISP supplied router and running Bridge Mode. Both configurations exhibit the same problem.

  • @hunterp updating to 3.4.1 appears to have resolved my problem. Must have been an issue somewhere in the matrix

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