Maximum WAN throughput supported by AmpliFi HD

  • Hello,

    I've recently won a Cisco Meraki MX64W after winning a Cisco Raffle. I use Meraki quite a lot in the enterprise workplace but I'm considering buying a AmpliFi HD with 2x Mesh APs for my home network.

    There are two things that are putting me off implementing and using the MX64W at home:

    1. The licencing. I have a 1 year licence with it but after that 1 year, it becomes a paperweight unless I fork out another £300-£400 for a 3 year licence

    2. The main one - the max supported WAN throughput. My Virgin Media WAN connection at home is 350Mbps. At off peak times, I can get this downstairs with Ethernet & WiFi no problem. Upstairs, the WiFi becomes very flaky - I can get anywhere between 50 - 150Mbps. The MX64W supports a max WAN speed of 250Mbps, so using this at home means i'd be paying for a 350Mbps connection but would only ever be able to utilise 250Mbps.

    I've checked the datasheets and I've checked online on multiple sites but haven't been able to find a definite answer - I only seem to get specifications pertaining to intental network speed (ie 450Mbps on 2.4Ghz & 1300 on 5Ghz).

    I've not seen any tech specs online pertaining to this, but does anyone know the max WAN throughput speed supported by the AmpliFi HD? If it supports, for example, a 500Mbps WAN connection, i'd buy one in a heartbeat. If it's only a 250Mbps connection, i'd be back to square one.

    If anyone can advise, it'd be greatly appreciated.

  • It support almost 1gbit when Hardware NAT is on. Most I have seen on my gb connection is 970 down and 950 up.

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