UDM-Pro and Amplifi HD mesh access points

  • Hi

    In my home setup here in Norway I have 4 Amplifi HD units covering our house (wired backhaul)
    I consider buying a U0MD-Pro for security purposes. In this kind of setup I will put the Amplifi MESH in bridgemode
    disabling DHCP/router functionality. My question is what kind of limitations in functionality will I experience regarding the UDM-Pro using the Amplifi HD's versus switching to regular Ubiquiti Access Points. Will i still be able to see all the wired and wireless units in the network and use all of the security functions?

    Thank you for the assistance


  • I have the exact same question. Right now I have the the Amplifi in bridge with an asus router (needed more horse power for routing) and everything shows up as a"Wired" connection in router UI. Will the UDM-PRO be able to garner more information from the Amplifi system?

    I just made the purchase so I'll report back what I find. But someone from Ubiquiti weighing in would be great.

  • @Andrew-Worral Questions about the UDM would be best to ask on https://community.ui.com/
    Only a few users on this forum use AmpliFi and UniFi equipment. Developer and support agents for UniFi are not on this communty.

  • @suncitynor I know this is a bit old, but I'm curious if you tried it. I just connected my AmpliFi HD mesh in bridge mode to my UDM-Pro. Though it will serve the wireless, the UDM-Pro does not treat it like the other ubiquiti APs...that is, none of the wireless management or monitoring features work.

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