Slow WiFi Performance

  • Edit: Solved! (Moderators feel free to delete thread)
    Make sure to select the right server while doing the speed test!

    1gb symmetrical fiber to the house.
    Alien speed test shows 960/960 every single time
    All my devices are showing slow only 2-10 feet from router.
    11 Pro on WiFi5 AX - 200 down or less.
    iPhone X - 250/300 most of the time.
    iPad Pro - 300/300
    2018 MBP - 150/450
    I only use

    I started with pretty much default everything in auto with the additional 5ghz enabled.
    Then tried separating 2.4, 5, and 5 WiFi6 to separate SSIDs.
    No luck.

    I’ve gone to manual channel mode with a little improvement but it’s wildly inconsistent and still not above 400 where all these devices should be.

    Something is not right and those speeds are not okay for a router like this.

    If anyone has any suggestions please help otherwise this thing is going back and I’ll use my AirPort Extreme to get better speeds.

  • I am experiencing similar issues, oddly high latency. Going to mess around with it tonight!

  • @Gofast I believe everything is normal on my end. But my original Verizon Fios speed tier was 200/200 but checking wifi speeds with Speedtest I consistently got 300/300+ with my previous router an Apple Time Capsule. Since the Covid situation Verizon has increased speed settings to their 1 gig service through the end of June, I think. Once they did that my speeds would be 400-500+ over wifi on all devices. I have an 11 Pro Max and an iPad Pro 3rd gen that I used for testing this.

    I have read that some factor between the mobile device, Speedtest and router limits these readings. Since I got my Alien set up, replacing my Time Capsule, I have used the same configuration. I’ve created separately named 2.4 and 5GHz networks, rather than the Common network. My ios devices only connect to the 5 network. The wifi speeds I am seeing using the Speedtest app are identical to what I saw on the previous router, 400-500+. Whatever is at play limiting these readings I don’t know but it’s consistent from my previous router to my Alien.

  • @John-Pappas

    Hey thanks John! So about the time I saw your message I realized my error. I needed to select the right server on speedtest! There’s only 1 or 2 out of about 100 that can handle gigabit speeds. I’m excited to say my router is working beautifully getting 600/600 over WiFi. iPhone X. Thanks for the help!