Duplicate IP Address

  • I have one computer that is consistently getting "duplicate IP" message. I will IPCONFIG/RELEASE and IPCONFIG/RENEW and get another IP address, but will then later get the same error message. It seems like some issue with the DHCP server. I have three Alien's meshed together over ethernet backhaul. There are not computers on the network with static ip address at the machine level. I do have static leases on some devices. But the IP address on this machine is never those IP addresses. What would be the cause of this. Never had it on this network with previous mesh routers. This is Windows 10 machine on the latest Windows update.

  • Have you found a solution?

    I have the some problem, one AmpliFi router, no devices with static addresses, one DCHP lease, constantly getting "duplicate IP" & I can't track it down.

  • @phillipc Please contact our support team and they will help to resolve the issue.

  • Same problem

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