Plug in Cable message on HD meshpoint

  • I have a home network of three Amplifi HD routers with two in meshpoint using ethernet backhaul mode. On the meshpoint I sit next to each day it will often periodically flash up the "plug in cable" message and picture of the WAN port. This may not happen for 45 minutes or it may happen every minute or two. Software version is 3.3.0, Hardware revsion 19. The dropouts can be from half a second to three to four seconds in duration. Its is especially annoying as the SONOS tunein radio drops and has to reconnect constantly. I do not know if the other meshpoint behaves the same as it is out of site and I have not been there when it happens. Could this be part of the ethernet cabling or have I configured it badly? I have had it in place for around 8 months.

  • @Peter-Boyle Chances are you have it placed and configured properly. I suspect either the WAN port on the RAMP, Ethernet cable is faulty, or the LAN port feeding the RAMP is faulty.

    Try to rule our each of these possible failures by replacing the cable, change which LAN port feeds the RAMP, or place the RAMP next to the router (or switch) with a new ethernet cable and into a different LAN port. If it still has the issue, it means the WAN port is failing.

  • @UI-Brett I have swapped the RAMP with another and have not had the message appear implying the cabling is fine. I will now put some network monitoring on the unit that displayed the error and see if the same behaviour continues in the other location. If it does I assume it is the WAN port. If so do I contact Ubiquiti locally (less than a year old) . I am in Australlia.

  • @Peter-Boyle If you determine it is the WAN port, fill out a warranty claim Here

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