Router+access points or several routers?

  • Hi guys! I’m a newbie ready to instale his new wifi mesh in a brand new 3 floor-141 square meters house.

    My O2 router is on first floor and I have two possible ideas for my mesh:

    1. An AmpliFi HD router connected through Ethernet in the first floor plus 2 Mesh Amplifi Access Points (One in 2nd floor and One in 3rd), or

    2. Three Amplifi HD routers connected through Ethernet, One in each floor.

    Price tag apart...what should you choose?

    Many thanks!!

  • Hi @Jose-Luis-Aranda-Alcaide - option #2 using 3 standalone HD routers with Ethernet backhaul is the way to go

    AmpliFi does not use dedicated radios for wireless backhaul, so overall mesh performance and the quality of service will be significantly improved using the second option

  • @Derek-Saville Hi Derek! Thanks so much for your answer.

    If I understand you ok, by using 3 routers Ethernet “communication” between the different mesh units is better than simple Wifi communication that could be interfered by any other radiation source (TV,...) or physical I right?

    I’m mostly concerned about the “width “ or coverage for the mesh in each floor..I mean, the signal strenght for the router is similar or better to the Access Point’s?

    Thanks again!!

  • Hi @Jose-Luis-Aranda-Alcaide - when the MeshPoints use WiFi for communication back to router throughput is roughly cut in half because they cannot communicate with the router and the client at the same time

    And passing a signal through two floors via 2 MeshPoint hops may not meet your speed expectations

    Even if you do not necessarily care about throughput, because you have a 3 story home, signal quality can be degraded passing through floors - hard to predict until you test

    Using Ethernet between floors eliminates that concern

    In my experience the antennas in the HD’s tend to outperform the MeshPoints, but the spread of the signal across a single floor will be about the same

    By going the standalone route you can always purchase a single HD router, install it, and see how well I covers the home

    Then add standalone units as necessary

    You might find that you only need two standalone HD’s to cover the entire home, wired or wireless backhaul, sufficiently

  • @Derek-Saville Clear enough now!!!

    Thanks a lot!!

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