AmpliFi Alien in bridge mode - IPTV box is not working

  • I've bought AmpliFi routers to get rid of the outdated equipment and to make my network work much better. At least to reduce the amount of WiFi networks to 1 from 2/3 interfering with each other. Now it works with the only exception - IPTV box is not able to connect (probably unable to see multicast from ISP).

    Before I had a connection like this:

    ISP modem <cable> AirTies 4920 <wifi> AirTies 4920 <cable> IPTV box

    This works fine.

    Now the connection is like this:

    ISP modem <cable> [wan] Alien Router 1 [lan] <cable> [wan] Alien Router 2 [lan] <cable> IPTV box

    Alien Router 1 - is set up as a router

    Alien Router 2 - is set up as a mesh with ethernet backbone

    And with if IPTV doesn't work.

    How to fix this with AmpliFi?

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