Custom password for ["Router Additional SSID"] AmpliFi HD Router

  • Hi Team,

    I would like to request this feature.
    Custom password for ["Router Additional SSID"]

    This will allow users to enter custom/different password for Amplify HD "Router Additional SSID".


    I don't understand the use case to have same password for additional SSID.
    i see that guest network has this option, why cant we have same option for addtional SSID also.


  • @saadmanna What would be the advantage of having a different password? You can already have a different one for your Guest SSID.

  • @Ali-Hadi
    If you have IOT/ TV/ Chromecast/ Fire Stick any other Cloud devices and you don’t want them to use default SSID or Guest SSID for security reasons. Then this be very handy and useful.

    Currently, it’s like having one key for all the rooms in my house, Nobody prefers such option.

  • @saadmanna not much use really as whoever is connected to your secondary SSID will still have full access to your whole network and devices. That is exactly why you should use your guest network for the purposes you have described as this will be the only way to get client isolation.

  • I know this thread is old, but is there any plan to change this? This is a huge security flaw. Even a $30 ASUS router has the ability to add a separate password on SSIDs (and allows creation of THREE additional SSID). I'm about ready to eBay my Amplifi setup because it's missing this very basic feature.

    @Ali-Hadi it's false that separate SSID security is not useful. In fact, a separate SSID is useless unless it has its own security. VLANs (on a master router that is not the Amplifi) can separate traffic, so the remaining security hole is having to share the primary WIFI password with IoT devices that can collect and report that password to nefarious actors. Sure, we could all use the Guest network for IoT devices, but then it must remain on all the time and we can no longer share the password with Guests because they would then have access to the IoT network. Having to choose between security and the (admittedly excellent) features for managing Guests destroys a big chunk of Amplifi's value.

  • @James-Howard Fully agreed with you! The Microtic can do that and it costs a few $... Different SSID needs a different password.

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