Strange Name on Alien Screen

  • When I run a Speed Test on the front of the Alien, when the test screen comes up, there is a strangers name and location at the bottom of the screen. Why is that?

  • @IdahoPoes Hello, this is usually the name of your service provider or speed test server and the location associated with it.

  • Strange. It shows:

    Richard Holbo
    Hermiston, U.S.

    Thanks for responding.


  • @IdahoPoes according to this Richard Holbo is an executive at Eastern Oregon Telecom, which is based in Hermiston, Oregon. My best guess is whatever service Ubiquiti is pulling their public speed test servers from mixed up the name of the company and the name of the executive who submitted their server as available for speed testing, or something along those lines. Presuming you’re in Idaho, the router is selecting that server as the closest/best for you. If we knew where Ubiquiti was getting this speed test server database from they could probably be contacted to fix the issue.

  • @IdahoPoes This seems to be the way that the speed test server was named, it must be in close proximity and the AmpliFi is using it for tests.

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