Call for Feature Requests #1

  • iOS app allowing the user to set individual/specific WiFi channel selection at MeshPoints. I hear the Android app already has this feature.

  • iOS App with Mesh Point options, such as whether to connect to router or another mesh point. Along with the ability to view devices connected to each mesh point by viewing that mesh point and force certain clients/devices to connect to mesh points and band. iOS App works, but definitely needs quite a few more features to offer full ability to set up/manager Amplifi System. Obviously, no browser support is really there for this product so we rely on this mobile app. Thanks!

  • @ubnt-gunars Activate the USB Port. This should not be up for a vote as a Feature Request. The USB Port should’ve been Active from Day 1. Putting this as an optional feature request is shameful in light of the competition which as far as I know they all have 1 or sometimes 2 USB ports active upon sale of the products. This should be a cause for embarrassment as a company. Thanks.

  • Hi.
    My Amplifi network appears to have been hacked. Please, make sure this doesn't happen anymore.
    Also, please, do discard this Google / FaceBook login method. It's not remotely secure. Also makes one question your incentives.

    Thank you.

  • Please allow the internal IP address to be set and the DHCP server disabled while in Router mode. I have DHCP and DNS servers on my wired network already.

  • @rich-de-cruz Now that Net Neutrality is dead and my ISP can throttle streaming services to make their own TV offerings more attractive, VPN support has gone from "nice to have" to "if you don't add it soon, I'll have to find another router."

  • How is this not the most voted item? If I could vote for it more, I would. This needs to be a high priority. I will likely dump the router if the NN repeal passes and this isn't in the works.

  • Remove devices in the Family Tab that are no longer connected

    Currently the device list in the app displays every device that has connected to my router. Whether they connected to my network or the guest network. I would love the ability to remove these devices as they will no longer connect to my router.

  • Complete QoS Feature Set:

    • QoS uses speed tests as a basis for auto-queue creation
    • QoS on Wired Ports
    • Priority Hosts (I'm happy if this is expressed as a final option in the app->Gaming/Streaming/Normal/Realtime).

  • Please add support for 802.1x authentication (WPA2 Enterprise).

  • USB for NAS

  • Could you make it possible to translate day and month presentations on the LCD please.

  • Add custom Primary and Secondary DNS for DHCP assigned addresses. Yes I know a LOT of houses will not need to change the DNS but for the ones that run PiHole or ones that run custom DNS or Family control DNS servers this is a must have feature.

    I would think the engineering hours to do this would be next to nothing to build out into the UI.

    Seriously please please please PLEASE add this.

  • Please enable the damn USB port so many of us can perform time machine backups to a connected HD. This product was released over a year ago!!!!!

  • Need the ability to have multiple administrators. E.G. Both myself and my wife should be able to have our google accounts remotely connect with the app.

  • USB 4G Dongle and 4G LTE Modem support

  • Add Link Aggregation

  • Static route support. It would need to be dual stack of course (IPv4 and IPv6).

  • Possibility to turn ON and OFF Wifi on a time basis - to switch off wifi during night time for example.

  • Wake-on-LAN support from the app for ethernet devices.

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