Call for Feature Requests #1

    1. Enhance the Guest section
      • add details of guest users then just posting a number value.
        *Note: just displaying a number provides absolutely NO SECURITY and places all Ubiquity Amplifi Wi-Fi customers at a extremely high security risk, which is a completely unnecessary risk if actually corrected ASAP.
        Case in Point: Currently have 1 guest at my house connected, however there are 6 Guests being displayed as connected
        Question: Who are they?and how do I eliminate them?
        Answer: there is no physical way to do it, you’re completely vulnerable.

    This must raised to high prioryity roadmap release there is no value to a number without details.

    1. Enable the ability to hide separate SSID’s ie: (2.4 and 5.0) then just all or nothing. (To accommodate 2.4 only devices — had to enable separate SSID’s so unfortunately there are now 5 unnecessary SSID’s displayed) how they are actually named is unknown, there is no way via the app to change or hide theses details.

    Making an app simple for people to use is great thing, however making an app completely un-configurable is another thing,

    1. Amplifies Support App Chat requires an immediate enhancement as a user does not type into the actual text box. The type begins roughly 1.5 lines above the box, so if the user types more than 2 lines they are out of sync.
      • The only work around I’ve found is to communicate using text to talk then go back to the iPhone keyboard and select the section that needs to be corrected. This is the 2nd t,ime using the Chat help feature and both times it’s functioned identically the same way.

  • Ability to turn off 2.4GHz on one of my two meshed Amplifi routers.

    Backhaul & clients are all 5GHz except CCTV & weather station (2.4GHz only and very close to the remote Amplifi).

    It is antisocial to squat 2 x (rare) 2.4GHz channels unnecessarily.

  • the option to block specific ports or websites

  • This post is deleted!

  • Ability to use guest network while in bridge mode.

  • Ability to manage NAT and DHCP settings.

  • @rich-de-cruz Agreed VPN Support is a must. Please add!

    1. Global VPN for all devices on WiFi in house

    1. Allow set DNS per device for kids safer dns

  • Please please please... when in Bridge Mode give back some of the features to manage the wifi. For instance, when not in Bridge mode I can not do the following:

    1. Pause internet on all devices
    2. Pause internet on individual connected devices
    3. Change QoS priority on individual connected devices
    4. Guest mode - not working why???

    I don't need to use Amplifi as a router. Just a wireless access point + wireless mesh to provide greater wifi coverage in my house.

    I own several other devices made by Ubquiti such as the Edge Router which does a great job... no need to replace it.

    • More extensive QoS (primarily to prioritize VoIP! — but desiring service based QoS, as well as minimum bandwidth per device based on total WAN bandwidth, etc)
    • Blocking of network traffic (such as by website or by port), and even settings specific to each device
    • Guest network device listings, ability to block, throttle, cap, etc
    • USB Support
    • Hardwired device bandwidth usage and QoS
    • Alexa support (thank you to someone else for initially suggesting this)
    • Quiet time for certain websites (for certain people, or system-wide)
    • VPN (not urgent for me)
    • Remove old devices from family tab, and see offline devices in family (different from in "Profiles")
    • WiFi on a timer
    • Per-device bandwidth limits
    • Bridge mode automatic device name generation (does this in router mode accurately, in bridge mode it only uses the device manufacturer)
    • Band steering transfer rate threshold
    • MU-MIMO

    Also, to all of those who ask for a Guest network in bridge mode... there are technical reasons why that can't be done, as far as I understand it. When it doesn't act as a router, it cannot separate clients on a guest wireless network and the normal wireless network. As a bridge, once they get back to the router, they'll be on the same LAN/network. It could throttle the guest network (theoretically), but otherwise it'd be just like having different APs with different SSIDs — the same LAN/network, because it is only acting as a bridge, with the router receiving it all and being unable to separate/differentiate the devices/traffic. As a router, it can separate it.

  • Ability to retrieve password without having to reset the device to factory defaults.

  • When doing administrative tasks such as creating static leases all wireless clients shouldn't be disconnected. Most tasks seem to soft restart services and drops all clients.

  • When reviewing a client in the app, it would be extremely helpful to be able to copy the MAC or IP address to the clipboard.

  • When creating port forwarding rules, it would be extremely helpful to be able to select a client from a list and/or paste the IP/MAC address from the previous feature that I requested (copy to clipboard from client view app page).

  • Add temperature or weather info (limited due to area) on LCD of Amplifi.
    You can lookup geo info based on IP address (roughly) or you can let user set their location manually on App.

  • My number 1 request would be VPN

  • App:
    Possibility to switch port forwarding rules 'ON' or 'OFF' with a toggle switch.
    I do now have to delete a rule to turn it off. And of course recreate the rule if I want to enable it again.
    This can do a little bit better 😉

  • @ubnt-gunars - When do you expect to close the Call For Feature Requests #1 and open the top voted feature list for further discussion?

  • Ability to change the local IP address of the router. It defaults itself to x.x.x.1 when traditionally, i have had the gateway for my network as x.x.x.254. This meant having to reconfigure all devices on my network to shoe-horn this in.

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