Call for Feature Requests #1

  • Ability to switch off the DHCP server.
    I have a DHCP server on the network already that also acts as a DNS server for the purposes of split DNS. I have had to implement a workaround whereby i have created a minimum DHCP scope of '2' devices on the Ubiquiti device and created a dummy client MAC address for each static lease, meaning that it won't be able to issue out IP addresses on the network. I would prefer just to turn it off.

  • Please VLAN tagging (I need Triple VLAN, in Spain) and VPN

  • @derek-saville It will be soon.

  • Ability to password protect the settings in the app - currently clicking on the router icon allows you full access to all of its settings with no security. This is ridiculous.

  • Ability to create logs for URL:s visited

  • Most things have been mentioned already but how about adding a "weekend mode" for the display. We could toggle on for enable, then have different hours of display usage. Similar to the above comment of a device being home turning it on but maybe easier to implement.

  • Definitely would like to hang a hard drive off USB port of any connected Amplifi HD unit whether is it primary (acting as router) or as AP (bridge mode) to enable network storage and Time Machine backups.

  • @craig-lynam
    I think this is already supported, at least in my case where primary router is Amplifi HD and secondary Amplifi is backhauled to create Wifi access in remote part of the building

  • Things that should already in development, but I'll throw out there....

    A proper tablet app
    Better parental controls, or something akin to Eero Plus
    Improvements to handoff between routers.
    Full admin web interface
    Bin off facebook / google authentication
    per device data usage stats including lan connections
    Teleport support to existing routers ( the Kickstarter seemed to imply this wasn't the case )

    Not entirely what you're thinking of, but

    Mesh points with ethernet ports

  • Ability to limit guest wireless to 2.4G.

  • +1 vote for the USB Hard Drive / NAS feature

  • @p-schmitzer thanks for the response. Guest WiFi still isn’t available in Bridge Mode unfortunately.


  • Have routers being used as meshed nodes get their bandwidth display from the primary router so the speed meters are more in sync representing the actual WAN bandwidth being used and not just the amount of traffic going through that mesh node.

    The primary router already does UPnP for bandwidth stats (even though it seems to still have a bug in which the counter doesn't properly wrap or support for high frequency counters), so fixing that and having the mesh nodes pull it seems pretty straight forward.

  • This post is deleted!

  • Allow inbound connections in IPv6. It isn't necessary to do port forwarding from the router, because IPv6 provides enough addresses for each device to have their own public address. Simply allow those ports to be opened, instead of blocked.

    This should be doable on a per-port basis (to all IPv6 devices on the network), and also on a per-device basis (this might be tricky because IPv6 addresses frequently change, though).

  • IPTV support when in router mode. When the Amplifi router is used as the main router it can't be used for IPTV. The Amplifi router should support a feature to create two PVCs on a PPPoE and also support multicast IGMP and settings to configure internal VLAN which AmpliFi doesn't support yet.

  • DHCP Server On/Off/Relay
    Internal Domain Name
    Dynamic DNS

  • Dual WAN, especially for Teleport installations, if the router hardware allows a LAN port to be repurposed as a second WAN port.
    Have an option to dedicate the secondary WAN port for remote Teleport communication.

  • Teleport as an app?
    In order to stream from sites (i.e. Netflix, Hulu, etc.) while traveling abroad, it would be great to bypass the Teleport hardware altogether and allow a phone or tablet to connect directly to the home Amplifi router over cellular or an available internet connection, and be seen as part of the home network.

  • DMZ Support

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