Clearing router memory

  • Does anyone know how I can clear or flush the cache memory from the Ubiquiti Alien?
    I have tried rebooting and power cycling a few times, but still see that the memory at 47%. Not sure if such a method is able to clear the cache from the router at the moment, but suggestions on how to do so would be appreciated.

  • @Skillzx5 I think that actually measures how much RAM memory that’s being used, not the internal storage (hard drive). They’re not the same. Rebooting the Alien would clear all caches both in RAM and internal storage. Is that what you’re asking?

  • I think there was a misunderstanding in my details.

    My concern is that after rebooting a few times I noticed that the memory is always displaying 47% of memory in use on the Alien's LCD screen. I am seeking advice because I have done such reboots (sometime power cycles) late in the night where no devices such as laptops, TVs and mobile devices are in use but still see 47% memory being used. Is there a different method to clearing/flushing out the memory cache to see a decrease other than 47% on the Alien hardware?

  • @Skillzx5 Mine also stays at 47%. I’ve never seen it change so I believe it’s not related to usage but to the system software. Someone else will have to specifically define it.

  • @John-Pappas Thank you for providing that information on your end. Hopefully a Ubiquiti technician can help provide more clarity on why the memory is showing 47% on both our devices. I'm sure many other Alien users share a similar memory metric on their devices too.

  • @Skillzx5 The memory listed is the RAM utilization, on my home unit and test units I have seen average between 47% - 69% based on the network usage

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