dhcpv6/pd not working?

  • So everything was working previously, but then my main alien router died. I RMA'd it and got a new one. Now I have ipv6 enabled, and the router shows valid ipv6 addresses on the status page (In 2604::), the problem is that all of my clients seem to be getting local only ipv6 addresses (in fe80:: and fd42::) now and not one in my prefix. As I said this was all working before the RMA and I believe I re-set everything up the same way. The only difference is this time I changed my router to be and give out DHCP addresses in that range, instead of its default (which I think was not even the same as my old Alien that was doing Anyone run into anything similar? Also I am running version 3.4.0

  • To add to this, I enabled the beta firmware options and have restarted the dhcp server and done a full router reboot following turning on ipv6 and the issue still exists on all my clients (and I have a good mix of android, ios, mac and linux).

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