Port forwarding : connection refused

  • I'm configuring my HD to allow access to my internal CCTV system from the outside world. The CCTV supplier advises a number of ports that should be open and forwarded to the IP address of the system. I've set these port forwarding rules up on my HD and CanYouSeeMe.org reports all are okay except one.

    It reports port 443 is not open with a "connection refused" message. I've checked that my modem is not blocking it and I've tried the test on internal PC and external mobile with the same result.

    Can anyone suggest what else I can try please?


  • @Malcolm-Surgenor if you’re not blocking the port on the modem and are forwarding then your ISP is either blocking the port, or you have a host-based firewall to review.

    Can you share any additional info about your network design, server config, or ISP that might help isolate the cause?

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