Scaling up across the property with Ubiquiti

  • Hi, I'm looking to purchase the Gaming Edition but have two UAP-AC-M out in the yard and garden. Can these be meshed into the Amplifi HD system?

  • @SpicyStoat They cannot, the AmpliFi product line is separate from the UniFi product line.

  • @UI-Brett thanks for the advice. In this case, would an amplifi HD gaming edition mesh points be good for getting 20m through walls into an outbuilding?

    My plan is to put a mesh point in direct LoS about 8m from the base unit and another up to 20m away inside a detached annex building where my office is located.

    What's a reasonable range for the mesh points if daisy chaining? I'd also be keen to know if the network is further scalable using the white single pack amplifi mesh points?

  • @SpicyStoat The distance would not be an issue, but how well the signal will pass through an exterior wall is always tricky. Depending on the material, it may or it may not, I cannot tell without putting them into place and testing.

    Every hop from mesh point to mesh point you will see degradation, so the range you can achieve is also dependent on the quality and performance of the signal at the end of the chain. There are far to many factors to say what you would get, but from my experience using the mesh points, best case would be around 110Mbps, worst case 5-10Mbps or no connection at all depending on the external walls.

    Yes, the AmpliFi HD mesh points can be meshed with the Gamer's Edition, so can the AmpliFi HD stand alone router, which has the option for ethernet backbone. Which may be useful or needed if the wireless distance you are trying to cover proves to be too difficult.

  • I'd be willing to trty anything that works. My biggest issue is that I am unwilling to chase cables into the walls inside the main house. I've considered using a an over the air bridge to the outbuilding but as far as I know I need to run an ethernet from the lounge, through the kitchen to the rear wall of the house.

    I don't know it there is a wireless option to build a connection that will work.

  • @SpicyStoat You could use a Building-to-Building Bridge then, once the signal is inside the building the wireless mesh will not have as difficult of a time covering the distance you need.
    But you are correct, at the very least you will need a wired connection ran from your primary source to the first bridge (if thats the lounge and kitchen you were describing)

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