Hardware requirements?

  • Do I need to use my ISP router as a modem to plug into the Amplifi HD or can I bin it and configure the Amplifi HD to access my ISP direct with the username and password?

  • I just spent the day playing with one of these and my answer was no. I simply plugged the Amplify router into the ISP router and it seemed to discover what it needed.

  • @SpicyStoat You can use your ISP's supplied device as a modem+router and set the AmpliFi in Bridge mode (i.e. WiFi access point only) or in DHCP mode (a second router) but be careful of running into issues with double NAT with the second option. The other option would be to use your ISP's router in "modem-only mode" and use your AmpliFi in PPPoE mode to handle all the routing (this is a good option if your ISP's router is less capabale and has less features as a router than the AmpliFi). In any case, you would need your ISPs modem as AmpliFi does not work as a modem.

  • @Ali-Hadi thanks! That's exactly the answer I was after.

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