WiFi Speed tests low

  • Hi,

    I've opened a support ticket about this but maybe someone here can suggest something.

    Recently moved from a 70/20 ADSL setup through ISPs router, where I was getting close to full speed on all my devices.

    Moved to a 160/30 Fibre setup connected directly through PPPoE to AmpliFi HD.

    Here's my issues:

    • Laptop direct into fibre modem connected via PPPoE gives me close to advertised speeds, 140/30.

    • Laptop ethernet into AmpliFi HD, which is then PPPoE into modem gives me slightly reduced, 130/30.

    • AmplifiHD Speed Test shows 90/30

    • Laptop speed test (i've tried fast.com and speedtest.net) max's out at 40-50Mbps down, up is fine at 30Mbps.

    Now, Tx Rate and Rx Rate according to amplifi for my laptop seem fine. 1.3Gbps and 975Mbps respectively.

    I've tried with other wireless devices and seem to get broadly the same results.
    I've tried a router only 5Ghz SSID, no change.
    I've tried turning off mesh points, no change.

    Any ideas?


  • I think I am having a similar issue, only getting 500mbps via my gigabit connection. Based on Googling I think COVID-19 is affecting internet speeds.

  • @Someguy9 I don't think this is relevant. My speed is fine hardwired to the AmplifiHD, or direct to my fibre modem. It's only when connected via wireless does my speed drop.

  • Hi @dwilliams1986,

    I had the same error as you, with slow Wifi and talked to the Amplifi support staff.

    After I did the below adjustments, my system has been rock solid. Information is as is.

    Below is from another post I did.

    -Steps to follow to troubleshoot Wifi connections:


    -I added an extra SSID on 5 Ghz band for those devices that had most problems (performance internet speed issues and latency in ping, up to 3000ms), iPhone 7 Plus, iPad Pro 9,7, Macbook 12 2015, Mac Mini 2014, Lenovo Thinkpad L490 - Windows 10. All devices are updated to latest version of OS and drivers. I have not added an extra SSID for 2,4GHz band.

    -I scanned my neighborhood for interference Wifi networks and changed channels for 2,4Ghz (channel 9) and 5Ghz (channel 48). I used the following software to scan for interference Wifi:


    -Enabled band steering.


    Refer to the above article to access the Web UI and make the below changes:

    Uncheck ' Enable Automatic Backbone band switching' (Make sure the mesh points are on 5Ghz.

    Check 802.11r, 802.11k & 802.11v.

    Enable A-MSDU for Wireless backbone

    Save the changes.

    Once the changes are saved, reboot each Mesh devices separately

    After the above changes the system has been rock solid and I have great performance. I have 250/100 Mbps from my ISP via fibre and when testing, I got around 220-230 Mbps / 80-95 Mbps. I have no switches or modem between Amplifi HD, a direct RJ45 cable from the fibre converter to the router.

    If any further questions, please let me know.



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