AmpliFi HD Firmware v3.4.1

  • AmpliFi firmware v3.4.1 for AmpliFi HD, Instant and HW Teleport has been released.

    • Stability improvements

    We use a gradual rollout for the update. It may take up to a week for your device to receive this update.

  • @UI-Karlis I hope they fix once and forever the main bug issue that the wifi is slow at 2.4Ghz and after a REEB0T we get fully wifi speed, and this is annoying and need to be fixed as soon as possible

  • Thanks for releasing this update. I will monitor over the weekend and report back any issues.

  • @UI-Karlis Thank you as I was just about to rollback to 3.3.0 after successfully using 3.4.0 rc0 and rc1. After 2+ years, this is the first time I've ever had major issues.

  • @UI-Karlis After the 3.4.0 fiasco over the last couple of days the update to 3.4.1 went ok after a reboot. I did not have to reboot the Mesh Points. While they blinked lonely in the night the router found them after updating itself and updated them.

  • Wow wow...
    Even now with firmware 3.4.1 the wifi become slow and after a restart of the router then the wifi is normal fast.

    What is going on ?

  • @Eric35 Apple devices? They still haven’t been able to fix the slow Apple devices (MacBook Pro, iPad, iPhone) bug that was introduced with 3.3.0.

  • Well this explains a lot. My devices aren’t connecting, the app wasn’t recognizing my network, even my WiFi password was not working! I rebooted everything, reset several meshpoints, and still they aren’t connecting correctly. My far away mesh points are all connecting to the main HD box rather than connecting to the nearest mesh point. How do I force them to connect in the right order?

  • I finally managed to get remote access and installed over v3.4.0 and connectivity issues seem resolved. Stable for about 12 hours. Will monitor and report.

  • @Victor-Dusovic How did you reinstall 3.4.0? Will pressing the “reset” button on each device do the trick?

  • @UI-Karlis
    Thanks for the info last nail in the coffin for this pos router! this update bricked my device. I will be doing my best to let folks know to stay away from these amplifi products.

  • After issues with 3.4.0 I installed 3.4.1 this morning did not install properly. Display stated “installing” for about two hours. Hard reboot (unplugged) as reset button did not do anything.
    Back to 3.4.0 since that at least worked. Hopeful that the stability issue gets resolved quickly

  • @UI-Karlis What's going on?
    Can you help us all in here? Because all seem to have same issue.

    Why do we need to restart the router every day to get fully Wifi-speed?

    The firmware 3.4.0 to 3.4.1 has not fixed the bug issue.

  • Everything still ok so far - about 18 hours after upgrade.

  • Same for me, everything is ok 26 hours after upgrade.

  • Might wait for another week before I install 3.4.1. Hopefully all stability issues are resolved for all

  • @UI-Karlis Is there a way to actively request the update, short of enrolling in the preview/beta program?

  • Hello,

    So I've been having the above issues, have been upgrading as the beta rc's have come out with varying success but now as of updating to the public v3.4.1 my router runs for about 24hrs and then crashes. no wifi, no connection to the iOS app. no connection to the websever Gregory Gourdet on amplify.lan or its direct IP address. My RAMP loses connection.

    Wifi speed issues exist, and the restart helps them. Also my connection on the additional SSID is flakey as well. As per my post a while back on 3.3.x.x

    It would really be great to get some advice from Amplifi on how to get to a stable state. rebooting the router daily isn't great.



  • Just want to quickly add that I saw the update available on the router screen. Clicked update and it was still updating over an hour later. Had to turn it off at the wall (which I assumed would potentially brick it) - fortunately it booted back up and the update is still available. Will hold off updating.

  • All nice and stable, finally, after going to 3.4.1. Zero issue after 30+ hours.

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